Nestled in the heart of Palma is a little known bar – Abrakadabra. Run by a laconic German, this bar resides not 100 metres from the famed Banys Arabs. It lays, in fact, 110 metres from the attraction.

From the outside, this bar seems inconsequential. On the corner of a busy street in the oldest park of the city, this bar can be easily overlooked, at one’s peril. The first thing of note is the tremendous decoration inside the bar. Some more politically correct than others. I’ll let you find out what I mean yourselves.

Not since my numerous visits to Procaffeinate have I seen a motorbike this close to my coffee. Inset stones; gorgeous tiling; fake lemons – what more could you want? This is a lovely place to sit down after a tiring walk through Palma’s winding exotic streets. I recommend the espresso. For once the portion size is adequate to make you feel as though your hair is being ripped out. My Claudia had the orange tea, produced in Germany, which tasted phenomenal. It is pictured dramatically below.

For some reason, Spanish sugar portions are overwhelming. Please if you have aspirations to remain svelte into your 30s, share one portion of sugar with a loved one. Or if you plan on winning the award for world’s slowest assassin, give a full portion to your enemies.

My final highlight for this cafe is something I noticed while leaving. The variety of alcoholic beverages, for those of you who feel so inclined, are displayed on skis. You read that right. Feast your eyes on the above. I’ve seen the inside of lots of quirky bars in my time, but this is truly top shelf.

When you’ve recovered from that masterful pun, head over to Abrakadabra. You won’t regret it.