After a long hike down from Castell de Bellver, Claudia and I were in the mood, for some food. Having done my research and optimised daily schedules to feature restaurants of high calibre near each attraction we would visit, we lunched at Agra Maritím. The restaurant itself is hard to find online. We found it using The Fork, a crucial tool for all those going on holiday in Europe. Using it, we secured 30% off of the final bill. Not too shabby.

Pictured above is the cheese naan bread we ordered. One of the best cheese naans I’ve eaten, in fact. In my experience, Indian restaurants tend to use cheese conservatively in this dish to avoid detraction from the flavour of the bread itself. But Agra Marítimo suffused their naan with delicious cheese. For starters, we ate were vegetable samosas and onion bhaji. Both were delectable.

Our mains were presented in these gorgeous copper dishes which retained the heat of the food contained therein marvellously. I ate my favourite butter chicken, which was very well executed. Savours abounding from all directions. I would tell you what Claudia opted for but I have contracted a severe case of culinary amnesia. Take it from the cover photo that she enjoyed it very much.

The fresh pilau and cumin rice was cooked to perfection. It combined seamlessly with both of our dishes. For dessert, our waiter brought us a bowl of Mukhwas which is a combination of spices (including fennel); peppermint and essential oils. This went down very well alongside a glass of peach schnaps (on the house, no less).

Talking about the food here is all good and swell but I want to pay special tribute to our waiter. Agra Marítimo ranks in my top three restaurants for service. I have seldom been so well looked after by restaurant staff. Even though he had to deal with another table, replete with grotesque British ex-patriots talking aloud about how deeply they enjoyed watching the Graham Norton show on their hotel television, we were served in a timely and efficient manner.

Facing the marina, you’ll dine with a view of myriad yachts and a glittering blue sea beyond. You’ll be so captivated by the cuisine and (hopefully) your company that the noise from cars on Avigunda Gabriel Roca will fade away. And when you go, send the waiter my regards.