That’s the Way of the World was released in 1975 and is Earth, Wind & Fire’s sixth studio album. It’s my firm belief that the world’s greatest music was created between 1974 and 1989.

Earth, Wind & Fire’s name originated using their founder, Maurice White’s, astrological sign. It has¬†primary elemental quality of Fire and the seasonal qualities of Earth and Air.

I’d like to say it speaks for itself but then I’d have nothing to write about. Honestly if you want to have a serious boogie, listen to this album. I’ve listened to it in every situation: on vinyl; driving around; in my headphones when I work on various projects. I’m currently listening to it on my record player now, as it happens.

This album provides some excellent pieces of advice in lyrical form; for example:

  • “Talking to yourself is fine, it will make you feel much better”
  • “You’re a shining star, no matter who you are. Shine bright to see, who you can truly be”
  • “Feel the power of the hour, every moment, that you’re living…”

When listening to That’s the Way of the World, it feels as though each song promotes the mastery of a different instrument. Yearnin’ Learnin’ has exquisite piano; Happy Feelin’ is all about the versatility of Maurice White’s voice and Reasons showcases the bass guitar skills of Verdine White.

Each time I listen to this album, I am awed by the strength of the combined power of this band to deliver a crisp, outstanding funk sound. The sequencing is wonderful, the tracks are exactly where they should be. The album artwork is not as strong as some other funk giants of the same time, like Funkadelic, but one must not judge a record by its sleeve. All round, this is a slid 10/10 album. I won’t give you the tracks in order of my own preference this month, because each one is made of gold.

Have a listen to the whole album, you won’t be disappointed.