Can you tell by the cover photo that I used to be big on instagram? No? Me neither. In any case, I followed my post-Mass Sunday lunch tradition this week in Arco Lounge. I’d noticed this bright cafe since moving to Birmingham but must confess that this was my first visit. I can add to my confession that this won’t be my final visit.


If one has functioning eyes, they will first be struck by the variety of art scattered around the place. I’ve become more of a fan of art recently. I’ve commissioned a number of Grace Jones sketches for a concept multicolour frame I am working on. I think it is important to have side projects. Not too many, as I have, but just enough to expand the ways in which you exist without exhausting yourself.

Let’s talk about brekkie. This magnificently laid out feast is every bit as delightful as it looks. The fritters, eggs and bacon were just delightful. Observe how thickly the bacon is cut. Observe how close the yolk is to the surface. Observe the brown hue of these salacious saussies. Just lovely.

Unlike sensible people, Arco does not discriminate against vegetarians. This sumptuous feast included sweetcorn fritters, extra hash brown and spinach & red pepper salad. Matthew told me, with his mouth full (how shameful) that he was having the time of his life.

3oz beef patty, buttermilk fried chicken, smoked streaky bacon, five spice pulled pork, American cheese, tomato, red onion and burger sauce with Cajun-spiced onion rings. Arco Lounge

I for one, went for the Superhero Burger. Wow wow wow! The onion rings were gigantic, the buttermilk chicken was cooked exquisitely, the bacon was thickly cut and the beef patty quite substantial. In addition, the cheese melted in tandem with the BBQ sauce which made for a delightfully unhealthy concoction. I was and remain in heaven. No, I have not died at the time of writing, I just lunched at Arco.

Unless you yourself have died, there is no excuse not to dine at Arco Lounge.