Our final stop of the day had to be the legendary Art Kavana. This house of cake is renown throughout Croatia as one of the best places to eat cake in the whole country.

We each had one slice, the first one was mine. It is pictured below. The beautiful raspberry cheesecake. I cannot form full sentences worthy of the softness of the mascarpone. The delight of the raspberry coulis, the light biscuit base. All together astonishing.

St Nick, in his in(de)finite wisdom, decided to opt for the most chocolaty of all chocolate cakes. The pistachio cake is well known in Art Kavana. So well known in fact that it was recommended to me by two different waitresses. The chocolate was dark and deeply affecting. It married perfectly with the pistachio. I wish I’d have chosen it.

Finally, Louise opted for the pear cake. Louise tells me that it was sweet and tasty. I shall go one further and say that I was impressed by the crumbly biscuit base and the chunks of pear in the filling. The pine nuts worked beautifully with the fruity filling to create an amalgam of flavour which almost saw me fall off of my chair.

On top of all of this, the coffee was beautiful. Honestly I cannot fault this exquisite cake shop. Please go there if ever you are in Zadar.