Author: Matthew Wright

St Peter’s Church, Explosive Ecclesiastical Lunch, Marlborough

St Peter’s church stands at the end of Marlborough High Street near to Marlborough College, this was also where Cardinal Thomas Wolsey was ordained on the 10th March 1948. Despite having lived in the Marlborough area since I was eight, I have only discovered it now at the age of 20. The cafe itself is contained within a portion of the church, with a separate area also dedicated to crafts and art produced by local artisans. The traditional layout of the cafe lulls one into a false sense of security. What transpired soon outgrew what is to be expected....

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Diseases Associated with Ageing – A Biological Essay

Hi guys, Matthew here. I’m a new guest blogger on Cedric Suggests. This is my first time so please be gentle… I wrote an essay about three diseases associated with ageing which might be of some interest to you. Do read the following and let me know your thoughts. The musculoskeletal system is something we all rely on to live our day to day lives, when we age there are changes which occur, altering our ability to do so. This essay explores three of these changes and how research is providing insight into preventing and reversing these changes. Explain...

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