There is a reason why this restaurant places in the top 3% of restaurants in Amsterdam. This is a centrally located, high quality and economical option for those who eat more than once a day. One could feel a little oppressed by how small it is and the stairs to the loo are painfully narrow.

Ah the steak and cheese sandwich in the cover photograph was absolutely delicious. It was covered in old Amsterdam cheese which added so much to it. Great care was given to making the beef pieces edible in size. While I previously approved of great big slabs of beef, they do not make for civilised lunching. Of course now I would not recommend you to order any beef. The meat industry’s undeniable and enormous negative effect on the climate has forced me to reconsider my eating habits. But more on this subject in another post… Stay tuned dear readers.

Louise recognised by then excellent taste and also ordered the steak and cheese. Matthew by contrast chose the roast beef & lemon. The awful thing about writing these blogs months after the event is that one’s memory tends to wan. What I do recall is the softness of the bread which complemented the ingredients wonderfully. Food is as much about texture as it is about ingredients.

Astute readers of this blog will notice the disproportionate amount of sandwiches which were consumed on this trip. When I have the good fortune to go abroad, I like to fit as much into my time as possible. That is not to say I lay on the beach and read a novel, such an activity should be criminalised for its wastefulness (the lying, not the reading). One should try to fit in as much culture as possible into their holidays. Coming back to their home with a deep and instructive impression of another country’s way of life goes some distance in informing one’s own.

Hence, sandwiches are a superbly efficient way of staying hydrated and keeping up the pace. They are to be recommended, and B & B Lunchrooms’ are to be lauded most highly.