What can I say about Birtelli’s? The satanist recommended it to me. He and I were in Leamington one evening on nefarious business when we were struck by pangs of debilitating hunger. What could sate our stomachs? As in most cases: pizza.

On nearby Clarendon Avenue, we found the tried and tasted haven that is Britelli’s. I had an in depth conversation with the pizzaoilo about the gluten content associated with the 00 flour he uses for the dough. Now assured about the authenticity of Chef’s recipe, I ordered my Margarita. One must always order margherita when trying out a new pizzeria. If they pass the margherita test, you can be certain everything else on the menu will either match the standard set or surpass it. You’ll be pleased to know that Birtelli’s passed the test with flying colours.

On my next visit, I ordered two pizzas. The first can be seen in this post’s ‘featured image’. The Aubrey Allen Cornish Spring Lamb pizza was, frankly, inspired. Whoever thought putting lamb on a pizza with strips of onion would work so well? It doesn’t feel right putting lamb on a pizza but for some reason it was extra delectable here.

Above is the Mackenzies Yorkshire Smokehouse chicken, with sweetcorn and Sun-blushed tomatoes. Again, I would never stoop to putting chicken on a pizza, even if the chicken is from my own home, Yorkshire. And yet, this combination was a sensation. I’ve spoken at length about how irate mozzarella grate makes me, but here it worked to boost the flavour of its fellow ingredients. The crust is thin and crunchy as it should be. The toppings are of the highest quality sourced locally in Britain.

The level of service I have received in Birtelli’s is consistently excellent. From the staff on the phone to the shop tenders and finally the delivery boy. The whole operation is highly skilled in customer service and it makes all the difference.

Next time you’re feeling peckish for a slice of pizza or six, choose Birtelli’s. Satisfaction guaranteed.