Pardon this inexcusable pun, this was not a place of intoxication but one of high altitude. Whilst I would love to inform you of the places to get most genuinely intoxicated, I fear this would not stand me in great stead with current and/or future employers. But Blue Amsterdam is worth bringing to your attention. This was our last meal in the wonderful city and we were most impressed.

One should mention that to access this marvellous places, you must go through a shopping centre and take a cylindrical lift up to the restaurant.

Louise and her good best silk scarf opted for the traditional Dutch croquettes. These are served with homemade mustard. I believe Louise chose the vegan ones. Beef is so terribly terribly unethical these days that I am glad she did not opt for that. I had a nibble of her croquette and I was impressed with the undeniable quality of the batter. Though I cannot say what was in them (time has passed and I was hardly in a fit state while on this particular trip).

I went for the halloumi, smoked red pepper and hummus sandwich. I remember thinking how unique the halloumi tasted in this. And the bread was superlative, coming from local bakery MAMA. The hummus was spread a bit thinly but otherwise this was a delightful flavoursome and morally positive choice.

Matthew had this hummus wrap, making our environmentally friendly lunch a hat trick. He claims this wrap was “subtly smoky which complemented the rest of the wrap. There was no overpowering of flavours and it was balanced incredibly well”. Wise words indeed.

We must talk about the fries. These were the show stopper of the whole meal. They were hand cut, fried exactly right and perfectly salted. They were the correct size and the portion was generous, so generous we had to order two. That last point was sarcastic. The mayonnaise is made on site, I believe, which, again, blew us away. . These were some of the best fries I have had. Definitely in the top 13.


I would suggest dining upstairs, there are far more seats which yield a view similar to this one. One can see a 360 degree panorama of the city from up there. And while I cannot comment to the excellence of the service, I can guarantee you an awesome view of this beautiful city.

Overall, this is a great place to have lunch and economical to boot. I was most impressed by the location and variety of local produce found in the dishes. A highly regarded luncheon spot in Amsterdam methinks. I must dine here again.