It’s been just over one year since I arrived in the wonderful city of Birmingham. This city which has in so short a time, done so much for me. Not by itself of course, cities are not sentient beings (Coventry being the exception). The amalgam of my experiences here cannot be distilled in 300 or so words. When I think back on the eateries which have been the stage for the most progressive conversations I have had this year, BTP Harborne comes out on top. I should say the cover photo is unrelated to Boston Tea Party or indeed Birmingham at all. It is a wonderful park in Bearwood called Warley Woods, which I do recommend.

Tucked away in plain sight, this wonderful restaurant (for want of a better word) has been a frequent haunt for me. Living in Harborne for the whole of my time in Birmingham, aside from a brief period where I was seconded to Selly Oak, I have always been within walking distance of BTP and have used this to my advantage. This is a charming and peaceful place to have a coffee or a good quality meal for a relatively small fare. In addition, it is a Midlands based chain which does not rankle my objection to spending loadsamoney in places which already boast fat pockets.

One of my BTP highlights was the cheese and pine nut scone which they, alas, do not produce any longer. The sweet scones are almost equivalent in their deliciousness, but nothing will beat a savoury treat, for this reviewer at least.

On my most recent visit, Louise & I had a rather very profound discussion which altered my world view, as so many of our talks are. Between pronouncements, I ate the Boss Burger which consisted of breakfast in a bun, essentially. This included hash browns, bacon and avocado. As you can see from the excellent photograph below, this proved quite the treat. Often one does not come to expect excellence from chains but this burger was bursting with flavour as it bursted from its containing buns. Every morsel was a treat.

Louise in her ancient wisdom opted for the Breakfast. We discussed her upcoming autobiography “Breakfast Food at Lunchtime and Other Assorted Scandals”. No I jest, her autobiography’s title is so rude it wouldn’t be fair on my readers to write it here. I sampled her roasted saussie and it was quite delectable. I would recommend this substantial fare to anyone with a mouth.

Now, in closing, it would be remiss of me not to note the kindness of the waiters at BTP. They are always rushed off their feet but very attentive and will seldom let you finish your food without taking your plate away and taking genuine interest in your level of enjoyment. Perhaps this is a Harbonian trait and aimed at the vast wealth contained in this square mile of Birmingham in the hope of a tip, or perhaps it is simply good manners. Who is to say?

In any case I am continually impressed by the quality of BTP Harborne and advise you to have a tall Americano there. the ensuing panic attack is well worth it.