I should stress, before we begin, that the lunch itself was not legendary. No, I want to be perfectly clear; the lunch was exquisite. The brownies sold at Box Brownie are legendary. I ran out of ideas for rhymes with lunch, is all. Apologies.

Above are pictured two of the three varieties of sandwich we devoured during din dins. Again, I’d like to stress this was a luncheon, I just wanted to make the sentence more visually appealing through the medium of alliteration. A thousand pardons.

Claudia, in her infinite wisdom, opted for the brie and grape. I went for the chicken and lemon mayonnaise sandwich. Both tasted superb, on bakery bread using fine local ingredients. In the background you’ll notice a sausage roll. This was without hyperbole, the greatest sausage roll I have ever tasted. This sausage roll transcended all modes of comprehension. You must try it.

Our dear Adomas opted for the cheddar and chutney. This was my favourite, but I have a weakness for any cheese and chutney combination. Have been for years. I should say at this point, the Polkington’s lemonades were exceptional. Even the apple and orange juices were stunning. Now I know that at this point I am essentially reviewing a sandwich. But let me tell you, dear subscribers, but these Box Brownie sandwiches were particularly nice. And this blog isn’t about spending exorbitant amounts of money for digestible nutrition. Cedric Suggests is often about highlighting places where one can eat exceptionally well for very little. This is reflective of my own tendency to favour less expensive restaurants of superior quality.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The Legendary Brownie. Let me tell you, this brownie is superb. As soon as it touches your lips, you’ll experience and explosive depth of flavour. The following mastication will reveal a softness rarely felt in such chocolate treats. Ensuing chomping will see the rest of this delectable mouthful melt deliciously. But wait, there is more:

The real showstopper at Box Brownie is the frangipan cake. Particularly the extra thick double cream you see before you. While the cream is not homemade and widely accessible to all who have £1.50 to spare, the combination of the two elements made for an extraordinary dessert. Everyone at the table was astounded. Rightfully so.

If you find yourself in Stratford being a shameless tourist, or on more justifiable business, head on over to Box Brownie. You’ll have a grand and memorable luncheon.