Not being on social media has its advantages. For one thing, your parents have no idea where you are at any time. This means you can go abroad at a moment’s notice and eat nice things. One such thing I consumed was a great big burger.

Burger Bar was a pseudo saving grace for us. We had arrived from England and were quite hungry. But the trap once often falls into abroad is to go to the first place they find, often McDonald’s. I did some research and found this place.

Starting with the freshest natural ingredients – your Burgerbar experience begins. Locally baked burger buns, crisp iceberg lettuce, rucola, tomato and pickle on your burger of choice. Fresh herbs in our home-made sauces.

All our beef is minced in-house daily. The burgers are prepared individually to order and cooked whilst you wait. With only ground sea salt and black pepper added to your burger, whilst it’s sizzling upon the griddle plate. Burger Bar

I opted for the luxurious Wagyu Burger. This consisted of a gorgeous Wagyu beef patty, rucola, old Amsterdam cheese and onion jam. Old Amsterdam has an ivory coloured pate with rich, nutty, robust flavour with hints of caramel and butterscotch and firm texture. Let me speak briefly on the wonder of Wagyu. This is widely considered the finest beef in the world. It is a Japanese breed of cattle. Wa’ means Japanese and ‘gyu’ means cow.

The unique taste and tenderness of highly marbled Wagyu beef makes for an unrivalled eating experience.  Wagyu

I must say there are fewer times in my life where I have been more satisfied by a burger. The beef just melted away.  The meshing of the savoury Dutch cheese with the sweet onion jam made a gorgeous swelling ball of flavour which I am at a loss to describe.

Pictured is the Bordeaux burger. This consisted of Angus beef on a deluxe brioche bun with rucola, camembert and the holy onion jam. Angus beef develops with better marbling (the amount of intramuscular fat) than most cattle.

Louise had the Cheesy Burger which had Angus beef, cheddar and old Amsterdam cheese topped off with onion jam. I am starting to think we have something in common… I must say the smokey flavour of the cheddar went very well with the Old Amsterdam.

Overall I was impressed by the quality of the burgers but also the service. The owners steered me away from the tourist traps and to some more genuine and decidedly seedier parts of Amsterdam where I could experience the ‘real city’, for which I am deeply appreciative. Please do go to Burger Bar, it contains sheer burger luxury.