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Raise the Red Lantern – Conspiratorial Delight

Raise the Red Lantern tells the story of a young university dropout who marries an ageing clan elder with multiple wives. The red lanterns are raised outside the home of the wife with whom the master chooses to spend his night. It becomes clear early on that the wife whose home the Master chooses most frequently controls the household. This unquestionable masterpiece was filmed by Zhang Yimou and completes his Confucian trilogy which opened with Red Sorghum and Ju Dou. All three of these films starred Gong Li who was propelled to superstardom. She is considered one of the...

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The Disaster Artist – Moving Tribute to a Piece of Cinematic History

There are two distinct period in my life: Before The Room and After The Room. Widely considered the worst film of all time, The Room is a piece of cinematic history. I believe it is a masterpiece, not one of exquisite taste, plot or cinematography, but one of commerciality. Wiseau, who directed, produced, and starred in The Room set out to make a hard hitting picture of betrayal and its effects on the human psyche but ended up making something so dire that it was brilliant. This now consistently sells out midnight screenings all over the world and provides...

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John Wick – Guns, Cars and Explosions, the Perfect Isolation Flick

Have you ever asked yourself the question; is there such a thing as artful violence? John Wick answers this violently in the affirmative. Perhaps I am late to the party reviewing this film, but I was so astounded by John Wick that I could not but extol its virtues. Directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch (the former being Reeves’ stunt double in the Matrix), this film offers excitement, excellent acting and explosive beautifully co-ordinated fight scenes. There are, broadly speaking, two ways to go when it comes to fight sequences. The first is to bust a few moves...

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Douglas – Hannah Gadsby Shoots and Scores Again

Self deprecation is a go-to for comics, this much goes without saying. In her first Netflix special, Nanette, Gadsby blew up the form of comedy and took self deprecation to its logical conclusion. Comedians will often address humorously crippling anxieties and life struggles in order to satirise them but Gadsby went further, using her platform to address directly the mechanisms in place which allowed for her suffering to occur in the first place. This is something which is seldom done in comedy for the purest reason that it is seldom funny. But it isn’t meant to be. Gadsby realised...

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Mucho Mucho Amor – Astronomical Docu-Film 2020

Starting with nothing but dreams, Puerto Rican born Walter Mercado found tremendous fame as an astrologer and is responsible for the popularity of astrology which we see today. He brought astrology to the masses through extraordinary daily shows, viewed by millions. This docu-film charts his journey to fame, the plague of the greedy which surrounded him at his peak and his eventual recovery from his qualms. This ark is of course predictable and safe, however the presence of Walter Mercado himself makes this docu-film truly exceptional. I was once a star, now I am a constellation. Walter Mercado Walter...

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