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Fiddle Drill – Top Shelf Lunch East Yorkshire

Picture the scene, I have just arrived in Hull, my first time out of my city in some time, and Nick’s (erstwhile Saint) first suggestion is for us to leave Hull. More precisely, Nick was an advocate of a 76km bike ride through East Riding and Yorkshire, briefly. We were supposed to go to the Goodmanham (one word, not three) Arms but the charming gentlemen in the window, whom I had not realised I had photographed, confessed to us that he had caught COVID and the restaurant was on lockdown. I hope you will join me in wishing him...

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Seoul Kitchen – Staggering Takeaway Birmingham

Now, am I biased because this restaurant is practically next door to me? Perhaps I am. However, the premises had been largely empty for a year and to see them rejuvenated by such a promising restaurant filled me with joy. M and I ordered an outrageously flavoursome meal from Seoul Kitchen last week and I am delighted to be able to write to you about food once more. For once takeaway photographs have not let me down, a testament to the Instagram-readiness which restaurants must have when presenting food to their phone addicted customers, perhaps. The above photographed was...

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Gunmakers Arms – Powder Keg of a Pub – Birmingham

Home to the Two Towers Brewery (named after the Asinelli and Garisenda towers in Bologna, I believe), the Gunmakers Arms has become a much loved consistently visited haunt for me. It has in effect become my local. My heartfelt thanks to Nick (formerly Saint) for introducing me to this place. It must have taken great courage for him to battle my perceived pretensions and take me somewhere he thought I might not like. As it turns out I am a big fan and keep being drawn back to it. Situated in Birmingham’s Gun Quarter, this magnificent pub is a...

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Karak Chai Recipe

I’ll begin with something I dislike in food recipe posts. For reasons unknown to me, bloggers seem to make every effort to write 90% of the post about the origins or main consumers of the beverage or meal without telling you how it is made or which ingredients you need! the guide itself is almost an afterthought. Not on Cedric Suggests! I shall keep inane and irrelevant descriptions to one paragraph. Karak Chai is made with black loose tea leaves, crushed cardamom, saffron and sugar and evaporated milk. It is possible to use cardamon flavoured evaporated milk but I...

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The Sandpiper Inn, Leyburn – Daleightful Lunch

The Sandpiper Inn is a 17th century pub with a cosy interior in the heart of Leyburn. Leyburn is a village which is itself in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, where I spent some time a few months ago. Alas I have only just gotten round to writing up a review of the Daleightful experience, pardon the pun, and am not aware of the current state of the ever-oscillating COVID restrictions at the time of the publication of this review. Rest assured dear reader, I attended when it was acceptable to do so. Now that the outrageous floundering...

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