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Stads-Koffyhuis – Outstanding Lunch, Delft, Holland

After being inspired by the Pieter de Hooch exhibition at the Prisenhof museum, the gang and I took lunch at Stads Koffyhuis (which is as fun to pronounce as it is to write). This place is situated on one of Delft’s more picturesque canals. We were granted the finest table with a view of the canal. Koffyhuis is renown for its award winning sandwiches, having won best sandwich in Holland for several non-consecutive years. Firstly let me tell you about this cup of coffee. The Delft Leut, containing hot milk, strong espresso and milk foam, served in a tall...

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Burger Bar – Feel Good Food, Central Amsterdam

Not being on social media has its advantages. For one thing, your parents have no idea where you are at any time. This means you can go abroad at a moment’s notice and eat nice things. One such thing I consumed was a great big burger. Burger Bar was a pseudo saving grace for us. We had arrived from England and were quite hungry. But the trap once often falls into abroad is to go to the first place they find, often McDonald’s. I did some research and found this place. Starting with the freshest natural ingredients – your...

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The Twisted Barrel – Top Ale Brewery & Tap House, Fargo Village, Coventry

One doesn’t go to Coventry as often as they should. This exceptional city is close to my heart and home to many hidden wonderful. One such gem is Fargo Village. Tucked away in a dangerous part of town, this creative hub hosts some of the most exceptional drinkeries in town. Twisted Barrel Ale exists to create great tasting beer for great people. Our working brewery at FarGo Village opens it’s doors to the public each week to bring you the freshest, most local beer in Coventry. Fargo Village Stepping in, one can see to their left a set of...

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Aiolos – Dining Excellence, Napflio Greece

And now, a piece from the Saint Mother, Mrs St Nick We arrived at the Aiolos restaurant after dark on a balmy evening during our stay in Nafplio, on the East coast of the Peloponnese. It‘s one of the most popular restaurants on the Odos Vasilissis Olga, a lovely marble paved street typical of the old town, with bright blossoms climbing up the sides of the houses. We ordered a local red wine, from nearby Nemea, dry but very smooth. Our starter, following an amuse bouche of home made hummus, was called Bougiourdi, a piquant combination of baked feta...

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Boston Tea Party – A Regular Harborne Haunt

It’s been just over one year since I arrived in the wonderful city of Birmingham. This city which has in so short a time, done so much for me. Not by itself of course, cities are not sentient beings (Coventry being the exception). The amalgam of my experiences here cannot be distilled in 300 or so words. When I think back on the eateries which have been the stage for the most progressive conversations I have had this year, BTP Harborne comes out on top. I should say the cover photo is unrelated to Boston Tea Party or indeed...

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