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Da Michele – The Best of Naples, in Marylebone London

Well well well… who knew Da Michele had an outlet in London? Most of London I suppose. Once I caught wind that there was a place in London, Baker Street no less, where I could sample genuine Neapolitan pizza, I could not but make the long and arduous journey to London. I had to sample Da Michele, I had to know how accurate their pizza was. Let me tell you, dear readers, I was not disappointed. Poetry could and ostensibly has, been written about Neapolitan pizza. This one was a fine example. Observe the freshly made dough, genuine tomato...

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El Borracho de Oro – Golden Lunch, Five Ways, Birmingham

For the few of you who didn’t hear me shouting about my new job, I got a new job! I find myself in the environs of central Birmingham on a daily basis now. Occasionally, I fall prey to hunger and must sate this urge by dining in fine cost effective establishments. Not since dining at En Diagonal in Barcelona have I tasted such authentic Spanish food. And for lunch too! Between us, Matthew and I had six different dishes for lunch, not to mention dessert. the first of these was the Croquetas de Boletus (Wild Mushroom and Bechamel Croquetas)....

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St Peter’s Church, Explosive Ecclesiastical Lunch, Marlborough

St Peter’s church stands at the end of Marlborough High Street near to Marlborough College, this was also where Cardinal Thomas Wolsey was ordained on the 10th March 1948. Despite having lived in the Marlborough area since I was eight, I have only discovered it now at the age of 20. The cafe itself is contained within a portion of the church, with a separate area also dedicated to crafts and art produced by local artisans. The traditional layout of the cafe lulls one into a false sense of security. What transpired soon outgrew what is to be expected....

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PureCraft – Superb Quality Lunch, Central Birmingham

Few of you will appreciate what a mammoth task it is to gather six people in one place, even for a simple lunch. Our fabulous meal at PureCraft represented a milestone in organisational hosting, as well as culinary quality. We were a tad pressed for time, having barely made it in time from Mass, so each had a main before jetting off to our next destination, but what we ate certainly fed our desire to return to PureCraft in the near future. Louise, in her grand and monstrous piety, ordered the waiter to make her a salad, even though...

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Frosts Cafe – Delightful Breakfast, Frilford

I took it upon myself to eat breakfast while in the country. Usually such a meal os a luxury I have neither time nor patience for. A quick cup of tea and jam-garnished slice of toast will satisfy me most days. Luckily, going to Frosts afforded me the opportunity to take a somewhat larger breakfast. It is pictured for your delectation, and as a visual aid to me, below. The astute among you will note the strange, unappealing, quasi-fecal appearance of the saussies. These were rosemary and red onion saussies, which did not feature on the Saussie Poddy which...

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