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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou – Marvelous Maritime Movie

This eye catching headline does not do justice to the depth (pun intended) of wonder and awe which this film inspires in me. I think this is a tremendously accomplished film in terms of visual impact and power of plot. At the end, one feels compelled to love each of the characters and see their unique place in this extraordinary story. Having recently lost his closest friend to the jaws of a strange sea predator, oceanic adventurer-cum-filmmaker Steve Zissou (Murray) sets out to find and kill the beast he’s dubbed the “jaguar shark”. Along the way, though, he has...

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Mauritshuis – National Portrait Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands

The Hague is the capital of the province of South Holland, the seat of government of the Netherlands and hosts the International Court of Justice, one of the most important courts in the world. Being a fledgling in the legal industry, you can imagine my excitement at going to such a city. This was enhanced by the opportunity of seeing some masterly Dutch paintings. The museum houses the Royal Cabinet of Paintings which consists of 854 objects, mostly Dutch Golden Age paintings. The collections contains works by Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt van Rijn, Jan Steen, Paulus Potter, Frans Hals, Jacob...

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C.J. Fish, Country Joe & The Fish – AOTM November 2019

AOTM has been especially difficult for me this month. As you know I listen to at least one new album a day. This practice has grown to include one classical album also. Originally, this coveted title was set to go to The Eagles’ masterwork One of These Nights. Then it was set to go to Clearlight’s debut, Clearlight. The latter was on account of Doug Lubahn, the group’s bassist having sadly passed away this month. Lubahn was the bassist on three of the Doors’ studio albums, hence is quite close to my heart. But following Clearlight down the Doors...

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The Old Spot Inn, Wonderful Post-Walk Lunch – Dursley

I’ve become a big fan of the Walking Englishman blog. The way that Mike writes is both entertaining and informative as well as providing some really stellar walks. It is after one of these walks that we discovered the Old Spot Inn. For this post, I shall focus on the restaurant, but details of the walk we undertook can be found here: The first striking thing about the Old Spot is the free carpark next to it. When we undertook our last walk in Kendal last month, the carpark cost almost ten whole pounds. You can imagine our...

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The Sandwich Specialist – Breathtaking Bap, Bolton

This week I had the opportunity to go to Bolton for reasons I am not at liberty to discuss unless you ask me nicely. I was advised to visit a very special sandwich place a few miles from my destination. You’ll be aware that I am not one to settle for a sub-standard value ready meal. Lunch is a sacred time in my home. Lunch is equally revered when I am not at home. Consequently, the discovery of the Sandwich Specialist came as quite a shock. The following photographs will not evoke awe and passion in the viewer, they...

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