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Frédéric Bazille – Three Favourites

Inspired in part by Eugène Delacroix, one of the founders of the French Romantic school, Frédéric Bazille (1841-1870) was a French Impressionist painter. He originally studied medicine and indeed completed his studies. However, he never practiced medicine, choosing painting instead. He was close friends with Monet, Sisley and Manet. I will today speak about three paintings of his which I enjoy, starting with The Little Gardener. This is an oil on canvas landscape painting. This is a lovely, serene isolated scene. The pink Rhododendron or peony tree in the background echoes the main piece in today’s review, below. The...

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The Horse and Hounds – Great Pub Dining, Broadway

If you happen to be in Broadway, chances are you are en route to, or have just come back from, Broadway Tower. Either way, a wonderful stop you may consider is The Horse and Hounds pub. This was not the world’s greatest restaurant however, it was a good pub grub and had an excellent selection of alcoholic beverages. In addition, it was far enough away from central Broadway to avoid the thrall of eager tourists and enjoy some relative peace. We ate in the back garden on one of the last days of summer, which was quite wonderful as...

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Broadway Tower – Iconic Folly, Worcestershire

Broadway Tower is a beautiful folly which sits atop Beacon Hill, the second highest hill in the Costwolds, after Cleeve Hill. This tower was the brainchild of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown and built by James Wyatt for Lady Godiva between 1798-1799. Lady Godiva wondered whether she could see a beacon from her house in Worcester, some 22 miles away. She must have been chuffed that she could in fact see the beacon clearly. We visited this wonderful monument following another Walking Englishman Walk. Walking outside was at the time one of the view government sanctioned ways to meet up to...

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René Magritte – Three Favourites

You will have seen a few surrealist posts on the blog recently, it was only right I should write one about one of the great contributors to this artistic movement. René Magritte (1898-1967) was a Belgian born artist whose work was primarily in the genre of surrealism. Many will know the famous Son of Man, the portrait of the man with the bowler hat and an apple in front of his face. This post will focus on less famed works of his which I find personally thought provoking. When I first re-discovered Magritte, I looked at the totality of...

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The Tannin Level – Staggering Dining, Harrogate

I hesitated for a moment when drafting this post, I considered putting the Tannin Level in the art category of Cedric Suggests. The Tannin Level was always a place I would aspire to dine when living in Harrogate. By virtue of my, then, extreme youth, I did not have the funds to do so. Thankfully the times have changed and in my favour. This was the first stop we made on our way up to the Yorkshire Dales and was well worth the two hour drive. The Tannin Level is a below ground restaurant on Raglan street in the...

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