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Ready Player One – Gamer Paradise

Usually when father recommends something to me, I will wait 4 months before actioning the recommendation then pass it off as my idea originally. This is a sneaky tactic which does not often hold water but it makes me feel better for being so slow to accept new ideas. One such new fangled idea is this wonderful film, Ready Player One. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this film tells the story of a dystopian future where a virtual reality game world, The Oasis, is the solar plexus of everyone’s lives and indeed livelihoods. Tye Sheridan is Wade Watts, a lonely...

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Nightclubbing, Grace Jones – Birthday Review

On Bank Holiday Weekend, I found myself mulling over what I should do to celebrate Grace Jones’ birthday on May 19th. While out on a walk, the heavens opened and Matthew and I were drenched. I interpreted this as an omen. Walking in the Rain is the opening number on Grace Jones’ monumental album Nightclubbing, you see. It is thus superstitiously than I decided to write the following review. Grace Jones is a personal icon of mine, if not my greatest inspiration, so forgive my gushing in parts. In 1980, Grace Jones decamped to Compass Point Studios in Nassau,...

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Burger Bar – Feel Good Food, Central Amsterdam

Not being on social media has its advantages. For one thing, your parents have no idea where you are at any time. This means you can go abroad at a moment’s notice and eat nice things. One such thing I consumed was a great big burger. Burger Bar was a pseudo saving grace for us. We had arrived from England and were quite hungry. But the trap once often falls into abroad is to go to the first place they find, often McDonald’s. I did some research and found this place. Starting with the freshest natural ingredients – your...

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Boxcar Butcher & Grill, Marylebone – Exquisitely Pompous Breakfast

Having been in London some 12 hours, it was time we eat solid food. Matthew and I headed to meet our friends, St Nick and Emily (who has been canonised), in Marylebone. I had read about this place in the Evening Standard. I imagine I am not the only one who did so. The cheap bacon butty was surreptitiously taken off the menu and we were left with prodigiously expensive options. This was precisely the reason I avoid most of London. One needs to take a mortgage out on their cat to be able to afford anything, it’s senselessly...

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Lake Skadar – Boat Milica Tours (Excellent Family Run Boat Tours)

Random Montenegrin (and no friend of the Boat Milica team): Do you speak English? Cedric Conboy: Not a word. It is fair to say that Montenegrins have many admirable attributes, but one of them does not appear to be an appreciation for the finer points of English wit. This exchange, together with others, helped Cedric earn the epithet “Pičko” (or perhaps pička, I may have misheard) amongst the vultures who congregate by the banks of Lake Skadar selling boat tours. I will leave it to the discretion of Cedric’s audience to decide whether they wish to research what “Pičko”...

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