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What is the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Introduction to vaccines: Vaccines are an integral part of ensuring immunity against diseases that have wrought havoc on human populations prior to today. Some of the most famous vaccines include Smallpox, MMR (Mumps, Measles, and Rubella), HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), and polio. Typically vaccines contain an inactive or weakened form of the pathogen (disease-causing agent), allowing us to develop an immunity to the disease with minimal side-effects and symptoms. The COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-19) Pfizer vaccine differs, in that it is an mRNA vaccine, more on that later. This will attempt to provide a brief explanation of how the vaccine was...

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Central Birmingham Winter Run – 5K

One of the luxuries of lockdown has been a total absence of anything to do. Nothing is open, no theatre shows are on. Mercifully, we have been spared the horror show that are pantomimes, though I imagine they will return with a vengeance. I could have spent lockdown getting ‘fat and sassy’ (see below embedded video for reference, if outraged. NB: the remix video is excellently sassy), but I felt an uncontrollable desire to go outside. Since we were largely allowed to do so, I began going on more and more runs. In traditional fashion in this blog, I...

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Broadway Tower – Iconic Folly, Worcestershire

Broadway Tower is a beautiful folly which sits atop Beacon Hill, the second highest hill in the Costwolds, after Cleeve Hill. This tower was the brainchild of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown and built by James Wyatt for Lady Godiva between 1798-1799. Lady Godiva wondered whether she could see a beacon from her house in Worcester, some 22 miles away. She must have been chuffed that she could in fact see the beacon clearly. We visited this wonderful monument following another Walking Englishman Walk. Walking outside was at the time one of the view government sanctioned ways to meet up to...

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John Wick – Guns, Cars and Explosions, the Perfect Isolation Flick

Have you ever asked yourself the question; is there such a thing as artful violence? John Wick answers this violently in the affirmative. Perhaps I am late to the party reviewing this film, but I was so astounded by John Wick that I could not but extol its virtues. Directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch (the former being Reeves’ stunt double in the Matrix), this film offers excitement, excellent acting and explosive beautifully co-ordinated fight scenes. There are, broadly speaking, two ways to go when it comes to fight sequences. The first is to bust a few moves...

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Jean-Étienne Liotard – Lavergne Family Breakfast, Delicious Pastel Painting

Jean-Etienne Liotard was one of the most accomplished portrait artists of his time. Born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1702 he went on to have a very successful career, completing most of it in stays in Rome, Istanbul, Paris, Vienna, London and other cities. At the height of his career he was commissioned to represent members of royal families in his respective residences. The masterpiece came to my attention through a recent Guardian article, exploring how the painting was donated to the National Gallery through the UK’s AIL Acceptance in Lieu scheme. This painting was given in exchange for a...

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