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Highlights from the Ferens – Central Art Gallery, Hull

Despite stubborn popular opinion, Hull has a lot to recommend it. There are an array of theatres, marvellous cultural sites as well as it being the home of formerly alive poet Philip Larkin. But at the heart of Hull is also the Ferens Art Gallery. This is home to some impressive paintings and some nauseating modern art. Below are my highlights from this gallery. Philipe de Champaigne – The Annunciation ca. 1644 This picture was painted for the private chapel of Queen Anne of Austria (1601–1666), the widowed wife of Louis XIII. The chapel, a small oval room in...

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Nanette – Comedy at its Finest

Nanette is at its core a discourse on comedy. That is not to say it is an academic manual, but more a careful dissection of the art form. Beginning as a traditional comedy show, Hannah Gadsby tells tale of her youth as a queer person in Tasmania, a country where homosexuality was illegal until 1997. Even then, the decriminalising only passed the Tasmania Legislative Council by one vote. Gadsby jokes that this is far too recent. She is right. As the show wears on, we are privy to Gadsby’s signature dry self depreciation which made her a star in...

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Big Men with Small Feet – A Poem

I must apologise in advance, there is a swear in this poem. If you can bear such a departure from decorum, do go ahead and read. I wrote this poem when I was particularly piqued. Do enjoy Big Men with Small Feet, which I hope to feature in an upcoming anthology of my least worst work. The splendid cover photo is from the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Sperlonga. The Cyclops Polyphemos and Odysseus is an epoxy resin reconstruction of of Polyphemus’ Group. I do recommend the museum to you if you haven’t...

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Highlights from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum is a jewel in Amsterdam’s glorious crown. While the tickets are 20 euros each, every one of those euros are worth it. This collection of masterpieces is among the greatest in the world and I count myself very fortunate in being able to have seen it. This post shall contain my three highlights from the museum and one or two from the temporary exhibition, depending on how I feel by the end of this post. My first highlight is the magnificent Fishing for Souls, by Adriaen Pietersz. This 1614 piece is not only technically brilliant but it...

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Basiliek Van De H. Nicolaas, Roman Catholic Church – Amsterdam

Recently I had the grand and heady pleasure of being in Amsterdam. In so going I had planned to avoid sobriety for all of one hour. This was of course the hour of Mass, which I spent solemnly (pun intended) at the Basilica of St Nicholas. Though only 125 years old, this church was uniquely fascinating and undoubtedly splendid. The church is built on a previously urban site, necessitating a northwest-southeast axis to be adopted, rather than the standard east-west axis. It lies between the street, Prins Hendrikkade, and the canal, Oudezijds Kolk. When built, the church was called...

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