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Diseases Associated with Ageing – A Biological Essay

Hi guys, Matthew here. I’m a new guest blogger on Cedric Suggests. This is my first time so please be gentle… I wrote an essay about three diseases associated with ageing which might be of some interest to you. Do read the following and let me know your thoughts. The musculoskeletal system is something we all rely on to live our day to day lives, when we age there are changes which occur, altering our ability to do so. This essay explores three of these changes and how research is providing insight into preventing and reversing these changes. Explain...

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What Happened, Miss Simone? Astounding Biographical Film

My favourite artists include Grace Jones and Todd Rundgren, this much is evident to anyone who has dared ask me the question. But, of late, I have become enamoured of Nina Simone. Many know her only for ‘Feeling Good’ or ‘My Baby Just Cares for Me’ but her repertoire and indeed the impact she has had on the music industry as a whole is staggering. What Happened, Miss Simone? takes its namesake from a poem written to her by Maya Angelou. In essence, it is a 2015 biographical film which opened the Sundance Film Festival of the same year....

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Birmingham Think Tank – Portentous Pensive Experience

When I think of Birmingham, I often consider the many times I’ve been screwed over my small bald men, hit by cars and generally been poisoned. I do not, however, think of science museums. I doubt any other Brummie often associates the city with science, or indeed me with the city. In any case, the Think Tank came as a great surprise to me. Let’s delve into it some more, shall we? Your journey of thought will begin on the second floor, bizarrely. Here is contained the Our World exhibition. There’s a splendid wildlife collection with interesting facts about...

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Dutton’s Antiques – Delightful Antiquary Brampton

I am a great fan of antiques. One of my best friends is legally classified as one, as it happens. I won’t tell you which but you should be able to tell by context. Indeed, St Nick, my other best friend, is ancient in every way but his actual age, which experts estimate is around 49 or so. It’s hard to tell when all he talks about is Schubert and The Sodding Bach Cantatas. In any case, I took it upon myself to inspect some more traditional antiques in Brampton, visiting this charming little antiquary. Among the wondrous debris,...

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West Ox Arts – Outstanding Gallery, Brampton

As none of you were aware, I went to Oxfordshire recently for a peaceful weekend. Getting out of Birmingham has become a great joyful comfort for me. Being away from one’s home town periodically gives great perspective. This goes some way in resetting my creative metre, as it were, and provide you all with a much boosted sarcastic outlook on my various escapades. Brampton is an idyllic village in the Cotswolds. It lies about 4 miles from Witney. The West Ox Arts Gallery is a jewell in the middle of Brampton village. Inside, there is a spacious gallery which...

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