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Tynemouth Market – Splendid Place to Spend Savings

As you may or may not know, before the COVID-19 Lockdown, I was able to take a train to Newcastle and cycle in a group of three. These were the lofty long gone days, now superseded by endless isolation and just a little too much time to do the things we always wanted to do but will still neglect to do. In this period of national freedom mourning, it is important to have things to look forward to. One such place might be the Tynemouth Market, which I have most enjoyed on the occasions I’ve visited. Tynemouth Market is...

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Self-Portrait Marie-Gabrielle Capet – Composition in Isolation

COVID 19 has given us all a unique gift: time. This splendid isolation is forcing us all to ask ourselves ‘what would I do if I had more time?’. Now we have time we reflect further and refine the things we would have done into the things we want to do and are doing those things, or so one would hope. I for one had taken up running and long distance cycling as part of Lent. This crisis has only increased my vigour in pursuing both and increased by love for reading and the pursuit of deepening my knowledge...

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Wonderfully Scientific – Wellcome Collection, London

Whilst visiting London, Cedric wanted to find an art gallery near London Euston. He suggested the Wellcome Collection. Unbeknownst to him, the Wellcome Trust funds the Sanger Institute, one of the world’s leading centres for genomic science. I just so happened to forget to mention and (probably for the last time), was able to drag Cedric around a wonderful museum and library centered around Human Health. Founded by Sir Henry Wellcome, the Wellcome Trust has aimed to improve health by investing in researchers who are focussing on the most prescient threats to global health. Whilst, simultaneously, educating the public...

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Wallace Collection Pt 2 – Extended Observations

Having returned to London recently I had the joy of visiting the Wallace Collection again. Please find below a few pieces which struck me and are absolutely worth talking about. The Annunciation, Philippe de Champaigne French – ca. 1644  Now, I have already spoken about this in my Ferens Gallery post in Hull, but it is worth mentioning that this is possibly the painting which captivated me most out of all of the gallery. This is situated in the Great Gallery and had me in awe, as it did in Hull, for largely the same reasons. The Acrobat, Barthélemy...

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Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery – Suggestive Highlights (Part 2 of 2)

As anticipated, Part 2 of the suggestive highlights is here. Now I will confess to you that I clear out all the photographs on my mobile every few weeks and had quite lost the ones from my January visit to the museum. So I took it upon myself to visit the museum anew and bring you fresh out of the oven insight into my other highlights from this museum & art gallery. Autumn, Joos de Momper the Younger (1564–1635) This series of paintings represented the four seasons, this one being Autumn, shock horror. This is featured as one of...

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