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Podcast – Tuesdays With Morrie, a Reflective Review

Morris (Morrie) Schwartz was a professor of sociology at Brandeis University. He is the main subject of Tuesdays with Morrie, a bestselling book by Mitch Albom, a sports writer and former student of his. The events held within this book were set in motion by a Nightline interview, in which Mitch saw Morrie for the first time since his time at university. The interview is embedded below, as supplementary material.   Following this interview, Mitch visited Morrie every Tuesday for the final three months of his teacher’s life. Each week, a new topic was discussed. At the end of...

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Podcast: Transparent – The Realities of Being Transgender

The knights of the Oblong Table had the honour of being joined by transgender icon Ms. Effy Delaney (pictured below). This podcast aims to shed light on aspects of being transgender and indeed the process of medically altering one’s gender. I’ve tried to exercise the utmost respect and candour. Effy is a dear friend of mine and I am elated that she agreed to sit down at the famed Oblong Table for a discursive interview into untold vectors of the trans world. I hope you enjoy the podcast. Let me know what you think! The magnificent featured diptych is ‘Transition’...

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Podcast: Fox Hunting and the Changing Nature of Protest

This year I took an elective module whose assessment method was podcast. You might have noticed that I produced a few podcasts in anticipation. The podcast aimed to use Fox hunting as a case study for how protest was changing over time. However it ended up as an analysis of the way the power of the people might be articulated within structures of power. Have a listen and let me know what you think. I had the pleasure of interviewing Professor John McEldowny; an astonishingly accomplished man whom I admire greatly. He and I discuss the nature of protest and...

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Podcast: Heaven’s Inherent Contradictions

Fasten your seat belts. The Knights of the Oblong Table have teamed up with the President and Vice President of Warwick Christian Union: Nathan and Doug; as well as Bhaskar (Big B/The Beast from the East) with one question in mind. Can the denizens of Heaven have knowledge of the suffering in Hell and still be worthy of their celestial tenure? Cedric Suggests has provided for you: two non-denominational Christians; a Catholic; a Satanist; an Agnostic and a Hindu! Together we discuss the preliminary question, then branch out into more inherent flaws in the nature of Heaven, ending with...

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Podcast: AquaBabes Breakfast Club – Shirley’s Birthday Edition

Do you want to hear about fit bits; nipples; homosexuality; racist horses and Turkish women in saunas? Then this is the podcast for you. To celebrate Shirley’s birthday, the AquaBabes(TM) and I record our daily breakfast conversation at Xcel Leisure Centre. This is an eye-opening snapshot into our morning routine. We discuss all manner of topics without paying any attention to who is talking and when! As is typical of our talks, we often split off into groups of two before rejoining in the whole conversation. Hang onto your seats and prepare to be immersed into our world for...

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