Podcast: Transparent – The Realities of Being Transgender

Podcast: Transparent – The Realities of Being Transgender

The knights of the Oblong Table had the honour of being joined by transgender icon Ms. Effy Delaney (pictured below).

This podcast aims to shed light on aspects of being transgender and indeed the process of medically altering one’s gender. I’ve tried to exercise the utmost respect and candour. Effy is a dear friend of mine and I am elated that she agreed to sit down at the famed Oblong Table for a discursive interview into untold vectors of the trans world.

I hope you enjoy the podcast. Let me know what you think!

The magnificent featured diptych is ‘Transition’ by Helena Wierzbicki.

Podcast: Fox Hunting and the Changing Nature of Protest

Podcast: Fox Hunting and the Changing Nature of Protest

This year I took an elective module whose assessment method was podcast. You might have noticed that I produced a few podcasts in anticipation.

The podcast aimed to use Fox hunting as a case study for how protest was changing over time. However it ended up as an analysis of the way the power of the people might be articulated within structures of power. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Professor John McEldowny; an astonishingly accomplished man whom I admire greatly. He and I discuss the nature of protest and the impact of modern times on how people protest.

At the beginning you’ll notice a clip from Fantastic Mr Fox. As the module convener pointed out in my assessment feedback, this is in”direct contravention of the requirement to secure permissions/rights for all of the materials used”. I’m glad I managed to rile him as much as he did me, standing in empty parking lots holding up cardboard signs for 75% of our lectures.

Of course it goes without saying that if Wes Anderson should so desire, I will remove the first 12 seconds or so of this podcast. It is the least I can do, and I always do the least I can.

The glorious watercolour featured above was created by John Frederick Herring.


Podcast: Heaven’s Inherent Contradictions

Podcast: Heaven’s Inherent Contradictions

Fasten your seat belts.

The Knights of the Oblong Table have teamed up with the President and Vice President of Warwick Christian Union: Nathan and Doug; as well as Bhaskar (Big B/The Beast from the East) with one question in mind.

Can the denizens of Heaven have knowledge of the suffering in Hell and still be worthy of their celestial tenure?

Cedric Suggests has provided for you: two non-denominational Christians; a Catholic; a Satanist; an Agnostic and a Hindu! Together we discuss the preliminary question, then branch out into more inherent flaws in the nature of Heaven, ending with our own perceptions of what Heaven is physically like.

This will be a bumpy ride. We hope you enjoy it.

The featured image is Bernini’s Ecstasy of St Teresa (1647-52), which can be found in the church of Santa Maria Della Vittoria in Rome.

Podcast: AquaBabes Breakfast Club – Shirley’s Birthday Edition

Podcast: AquaBabes Breakfast Club – Shirley’s Birthday Edition

Do you want to hear about fit bits; nipples; homosexuality; racist horses and Turkish women in saunas? Then this is the podcast for you. To celebrate Shirley’s birthday, the AquaBabes(TM) and I record our daily breakfast conversation at Xcel Leisure Centre.

This is an eye-opening snapshot into our morning routine. We discuss all manner of topics without paying any attention to who is talking and when! As is typical of our talks, we often split off into groups of two before rejoining in the whole conversation. Hang onto your seats and prepare to be immersed into our world for half an hour.

As I mention at the beginning, I dedicate this podcast to our extraordinary late friend Olive.


Olive, in a word

You were absurd

Each morning you purred

It was out of this world

You were coy

Like a teenage boy

My puns you’d destroy

Overflowing with joy


Rest in Peace.

Podcast: Common Sense Solutions to Life’s Biggest Problems

Podcast: Common Sense Solutions to Life’s Biggest Problems

Have to get up and pee in the middle of the night? Not enough Texas Independence Day celebration? Behind on your coursework? The Knights of the Oblong Table have got you covered. In this podcast, we talk at length about how to solve problems big and small, coming to some surprisingly clear and somewhat helpful conclusions.

I suggested Robert Greene’s 42 Laws of Power, erroneously. Robert Greene has in fact spoiled us with 48 Laws of Power, which you can and should purchase here.

I will warn you, there are some mild profanities towards the end. This is a longer podcast than usual. I hope you’re seated comfortably.

Podcast: The Importance of Intention

Podcast: The Importance of Intention

St Bernard of Clairvaux wrote circa 1150 “L’enfer est plein de bonnes volontés ou désirs”. From this we have derived a more modern expression, widely used: “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”

But is it the thought that counts? How important is intention?

The Knights of the Oblong Table return to discuss the meaning of intention and its constituent parts. This will be based on poor recollection of legal intention from my first year criminal law module.

From misremembering case law to drag queens and murdering noisome children on airplanes, this podcast has it all!

The wise words at the beginning and end of the podcast come from Wayne Dyer, author of The Power of Intention.