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Karak Chai Recipe

I’ll begin with something I dislike in food recipe posts. For reasons unknown to me, bloggers seem to make every effort to write 90% of the post about the origins or main consumers of the beverage or meal without telling you how it is made or which ingredients you need! the guide itself is almost an afterthought. Not on Cedric Suggests! I shall keep inane and irrelevant descriptions to one paragraph. Karak Chai is made with black loose tea leaves, crushed cardamom, saffron and sugar and evaporated milk. It is possible to use cardamon flavoured evaporated milk but I...

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Proper Pesto – The Recipe

If this isn’t the simplest recipe in the world, my name is not Chrystler Jennings the III. No I do jest, in all seriousness there are simpler recipes out there, such as not boiled egg. Pesto is among the simplest and least time consuming recipes I have ever made. Additionally, it is one which will keep well and last a long time after is made. Ingredients 1 large bunch of basil, leaves only, washed and dried 3 medium cloves of garlic one small handful of raw pine nuts (lightly roasted in a pan with no oil) roughly 3/4 cup Parmesan, loosely packed and...

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Recipe – Porc and mushroom Ragù

Have you ever been so angry, so bilious with ire that the only way to console you is cooking? I didn’t think such a state of perfect puerile vexation existed until Wednesday last. That was when I made this phenomenal Ragù. It tasted quite phenomenal, so terrific in fact that I felt the need to share it with you, loyal readers, so that you might delight in its calming properties. Ingredients 6 porc sausages (I used Neapolitan chilli sausages from A Di Maria) 200g mushrooms chopped finely 4 carrots, peeled and chopped finely 3 celery sticks chopped finely one finely...

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Recipe – Meatball Marinara Pasta

Winter has come. Now is the time to stay indoors with your friends or family and eat heartily until you fall asleep. Of course, if you have neither friends nor family with whom to eat, I’m sure there are plenty of woodland creatures just dying for a warm meal. Invite them to sit by the hearth and keep you company in these dark times.  Ingredients 400g beef mince 1 litre excellent quality tomato passata 400ml vegetable stock 125ml white wine 3 carrots 2 celery stalks Fresh basil Salt and pepper to season Parmesan, grated 500g pasta mezze maniche (or...

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Recipe: Slow Cooked Vegan Tomato Soup

Ho ho, Christmas is fast approaching. Have you bought disproportionate amounts of Linx body spray for your teenage relatives? Have you remembered the true meaning of Christmas as family and togetherness rather than unnecessary material possessions? Just checking! Those of you who know what love means will simply adore this recipe. It’s superbly easy and delicious. Additionally, it is vegan – so you can have your soul warmed and feel good at the same time. So, here we go. You’ll need a slow cooker and a hand held blender. Ingredients: 500ml good tomato passata. The good stuff, from an...

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