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Recipe: Lamb of God

It has been a while since I published one of my recipes. Perhaps it is the realisation that I have neglected finishing my recipe book (Fabulous Food for the Famished Student). Perhaps because I have become addicted to peeled Italian plum tomato soup and cannot find an angle to make it seem appetising. Regardless of my reasoning, here for you is the recipe for my Easter Sunday Roast Lamb. Of course you may consume it any other Sunday you like. The title is not meant to be blasphemous so much as celebratory. Easter is a time of joy and...

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Chewy Chocolate Amaretto Cookies

  Of all the dishes in this vast tome of cooking delights, this is the one which has made me the man I am today. Jesting aside, this is a phenomenal hearty little treat, so full of calories that if you have more than five in the space of one hour, you need to be taken to A & E. Ingredients: -150g butter -250g white cane sugar -A dash of amaretto -1 large egg -500g strong bread flour -100g cocoa powder -1/2 tablespoon baking powder -pinch of salt – 250 g chocolate chips Method: You’ll need two large bowls....

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As a young and impressionable lad I frequented Ask! Italian restaurants where I would always order the cheesy doughballs as my starter. A kind waiter once explained to me that their ovens heated up to 300° C — hence their always slightly carbonised edges. So treat your guests to a culinary explosion of cheesy goodness readers, but try to restrain yourself from eating too many: they can expand one’s waistline! Ingredients: -250g strong white bread flour -150ml lukewarm water -7g yeast -1tbs fine salt (though I prefer the whopping crystal salt) -2tbs olive oil -50g Gouda, diced (1/2 cm...

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Strawberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake

You’ll need bowls to make this dish. In all seriousness, this will cause a mess of your kitchen. This is a universally approved dish. Unless you’re a vegan or have been sectioned. Though these two are seldom exclusive of each other.   If you want to leave your guests reeling as though they have just seen the face of the Almighty, this is the dessert for you.   Ingredients: -2 tablespoons gelatin powder (you can the vegan stuff these days, if you must) -60ml cold water   -250g digestive biscuits -6 tablespoons melted butter   -300g British strawberries, quartered...

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