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Led Zeppelin II – AOTM March 2020

“What does matter is that Led Zeppelin represents the rock ‘n’ roll you’re meant to believe in as a teenager. We’re naive to ignore the musical perfection and hungry enough to enjoy the feels. Consequence of Sound” Reading through reviews of LZII, I found this above quotation struck me most. You see, as a teen, I inherited my first record player. This was a monstrous four tiered Sony beast of a machine with a tape player, CD player, radio and turntable all in one. In truth this was the beginning of my life in music. When my Great Grandfather...

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Bach, J.S.: The 2 Violin Concertos; Double Concerto; Partita No.2 in D minor, Gidon Kremer and Academy of St. Martin in the Fields – AOTM February 2020

I hope you will forgive me for the almost mythical length in the title of this post. Equally I hope you will forgive this AOTM not being pop. At the end of the month, I reflect on which album has moved me the most. In February, it is this one. There is no doubt in my mind that what Gideon Kremer and the Academy of St Martin in the Fields (herein the Academy) have achieved is nothing short of miraculous. This review will be split into three sections because I believe each piece deserves to be considered in its...

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Grace Jones – Slave to the Rhythm, Album of the Year 2019

I can think of no better way to end a decade than to laud the woman, the myth, the legend that is Grace Jones. It is not hyperbolic to state Grace Jones has had the second greatest influence on my life, after mother/father dearest(s) of course. Slave to the Rhythm was the first record I ever bought. I bought it for £4 from the British Heart Foundation in Harrogate because the cover was torn (The G and R in the corner are missing). This is still the pride of my record collection. Few human beings have so fully embodied...

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Almost Album of the Month 2019

Friends, loyal readers, people who dislike me reading this trying to find a chink in my armour (and failing), this is my favourite post of the year. In this post, I have the honour of paying homage to albums which I’ve truly enjoyed throughout the year, but for whatever reason have not made it to Album of the Month. This is also the longest post of the year, consisting of twelve mini-reviews. I hope you’ll do me the kindness to bear with as we embark on a retrospective musical journey through 2019… A Storm In Heaven – The Verve...

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C.J. Fish, Country Joe & The Fish – AOTM November 2019

AOTM has been especially difficult for me this month. As you know I listen to at least one new album a day. This practice has grown to include one classical album also. Originally, this coveted title was set to go to The Eagles’ masterwork One of These Nights. Then it was set to go to Clearlight’s debut, Clearlight. The latter was on account of Doug Lubahn, the group’s bassist having sadly passed away this month. Lubahn was the bassist on three of the Doors’ studio albums, hence is quite close to my heart. But following Clearlight down the Doors...

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