Now, I know what you’re thinking; this pub is part of a chain. Historically I’ve avoided any such pub, but on this occasion it appears Nicholson’s have taken over and made no material alterations to this pub. It retains a quintessential charm which I’ve sure it must have had in the 17th century. Wooden beams abound and there is no shortage of latticed stained glass partitions. There is an oddly modern extension around the back but the resulting space housed us for our lunch, so I can forgive the teal wood conservatory-esque modern atrocity.

Let’s talk about the Sunday roast. I had the beef, and good grief, what a meal. The parsnips were outrageously flavoursome. The beef just fell apart and joined beautifully with the home made yorkshires. Tasty taters to boot, I was thoroughly impressed.

Patricia being a fountain of wisdom, tried her first fish and chips. They are pictured above. I was only able to taste a morsel of her fine wine and haddy, but the batter was absolutely top shelf, as was the softness and flavour of the haddock. Cooked very well, as expected.

St Nick, as he often does, went for  the steak and ale pie. Now when I see mustard seeds anywhere near batter, I make a point of sampling it. And much to my surprise, St Nick let me do so. Wonderful crispy home made batter! I was not privy to any more morsels.


The Eagle and Child lays claim to a number of interesting literary connections. J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and fellow writers met here and dubbed themselves ‘The Inklings’. They nicknamed the pub ‘The Bird and Baby’. A public house since 1650, our hostelry takes its name from the crest of the Earls of Derby. During the Civil War, our building was used as the playhouse for Royalist soldiers. Eagle & Child

Our dear friend Charlotte, who formed the solar plexus of this trip, opted for the roast chicken. The generous portion she allowed me to sample was teeming with flavour and very well cooked. I would recommend it.

In all, I was impressed by this historical pub. The location, service and quality of the food overall lent themselves to a sterling experience which I am eager to repeat. I’d like to thank St Nick personally for suggesting it.