Some weeks ago, I took it upon myself to go to Marlborough. For reasons beyond the scope of my understanding, that meant stopping off in Worcester for tea. But I was happy to do so. There is nothing like eating delicious food in an alien place. Saying this, I have been to Worcester several times before while I was a travelling salesman. The city did leave a positive impression and it is a shame I have not since returned.

Until now…

My first course was homemade farmhouse chicken paté. This came, as it invariably does these days, with a caramelised onion relish. Behind my disdain at the lack of originality, I was pleased to see a staple dish well done and not too heavy. The bread was mercifully thin which let me enjoy its toppings and left room for the next course.

Now, the tarragon chicken was absolutely delightful. Made with local new potatoes and fresh herbs, this packed a punch. The dish was cooked very well, not too dry as is often the case. Tarragon is a perennial plant of the daisy family, with narrow aromatic leaves. Its flavour can be characterised as bittersweet, and similar to anise. The sauce itself was delicious, not too stodgy or too filling, which was a relief because I had another side dish to get through.

This side dish is hinted at behind the main dish in the above picture. Loaded chips if ever I saw them. Thick strips of delightful bacon, freshly melted cheddar and delightful crispy chips. This was one step above the Wetherspoons loaded chips, and one price point above them also. Mind you, one cannot go lower in price point than this drinking warehouse behemoth.

Overall, I was impressed by the delightful setting, reasonable prices and excellent waitressing in this old Worcester pub. If ever I find myself in town again, I will go again. Next time, I shall bring more friends!