Picture the scene, I have just arrived in Hull, my first time out of my city in some time, and Nick’s (erstwhile Saint) first suggestion is for us to leave Hull. More precisely, Nick was an advocate of a 76km bike ride through East Riding and Yorkshire, briefly. We were supposed to go to the Goodmanham (one word, not three) Arms but the charming gentlemen in the window, whom I had not realised I had photographed, confessed to us that he had caught COVID and the restaurant was on lockdown. I hope you will join me in wishing him well. We had to settle for the less alcoholic but still very good Fiddle Drill, just up the road.

Now, I am not partial to mass market beef anymore. I shan’t bore you with the particulars and the environmental costs but suffice to say it is not very good. However, when I suspect that the beef has been locally sourced, ergo far less of an impact on the environment, I will capitulate and order a beef dish. This was the case at the Fiddle Drill, where I ordered a beef and blue cheese sarnie. This came in an excellent presumably local ciabatta with lovely think cut chunks of beef and a delicious, strong blue cheese sauce. The beef was perhaps a smidge overcooked but this is largely down to personal preference. The coleslaw was delicious, just the right amount of savoury for me. I am not entirely sure what the purpose of the dry cumin cous cous was but this can be forgiven.

Nick ordered the very English ham and cheese toasty which also came with salad, coleslaw and the cumin cous cous soul drying extravaganza in a ramekin which I was not so fond of. Nick and his oiled forearm enjoyed his meal tremendously. I sampled a bit and am minded to think that the chefs at Fiddle drill used Edam but I am happy to be proven wrong. An excellent fare overall.

Fearing an enormous hill toward the end of our ride, I consumed an extra course, that of the delightful teacake seen below. The origin of the dessert was due to the raisins being soaked in tea, which was not something I was aware of beforehand. In any case this tea cake was very delicious, light, fluffy and the perfect cinnamon ratio. I was elated.

Though it was not our first choice, the Fiddle Drill was an excellent compromise and proved delicious and cost effective, not to mention its location in the gem that is the Goodmanham village. Highly recommended.