This delightful restaurant hosted my final meal in the eternal city. That’s not to say I won’t be blogging more about my Roman experience. You’re in for a treat over the next few posts. Rome is home to some pretty spectacular eateries and you simply must know about them.

Fratelli Scarpetta was a surprising find for me. Usually, I’d only frequent Repubblica because of the 24 hour pharmacy. But now, I have reason to return. Any restaurant which can convince me to eat fish is special. And on fish did I feast. Alici ripiene con mozzarella. They were quite special, as promised by the waiter.

They were nicely crunchy but gooey in the middle. There weren’t too many bones, which is a great relief to me. Just don’t eat the tail!

Normally, I’d only eat guanciale on short trips to Rome. It is in such short supply in this country that this is my only opportunity to gorge myself on cured pork cheek. However, for this starter and main, I decided on something different…

Millefoglie di pollo

con zucca e yogurt magro su un letto di rucola
What can I say about this dish? So inventive, so tender yet flavoursome. The balsamic vinegar is visibly of high quality. The eggplant, the seasoning. Everything worked seamlessly together. I was delighted with this dish.
Claudia opted for the iconic Roman dish, amatriciana. For those of you who don’t know, this is my favourite dish in the world. I’ve eaten across almost all continents (bar the Americas and Antarctica)  and this dish outdoes them all.
Everything about it makes me almost convulse with joy. And Fratelli Scarpetta cooked it exactly how I like it.
For dessert, we went easy. Just some gorgeous pistacchio ice cream.  Delicious as expected.
Overall, I was impressed with this restaurant. The variety of dishes and their high quality made for an enjoyable meal. The location is far enough away from monuments that one isn’t pestered by insufferable tourists. But it is not so far as to allow one to become lost.
In addition, it is currently on the Fork, and one can eat there with up to 40% off!
Let me know what you think.