I took it upon myself to eat breakfast while in the country. Usually such a meal os a luxury I have neither time nor patience for. A quick cup of tea and jam-garnished slice of toast will satisfy me most days. Luckily, going to Frosts afforded me the opportunity to take a somewhat larger breakfast. It is pictured for your delectation, and as a visual aid to me, below.

The astute among you will note the strange, unappealing, quasi-fecal appearance of the saussies. These were rosemary and red onion saussies, which did not feature on the Saussie Poddy which we did earlier this year. You’re welcome and indeed encouraged to listen to it (the podcast, not the sausage). I found these execrable in honesty. They were already vastly peculiar in concept, but their cooking time left them charred beyond all recognition. I felt like a teething baby once more, unable to get through even the most rudimentary bite of nosh. This was the least pleasant saussie I have eaten in quite some time. Everything else on the plate was palpably unimpressive.

At this juncture, you might be wondering why Frosts is even on Cedric Suggests. Allow me to dispel your overwhelming curiosity. The above picture made me change my mind. Of course, it was not just a picture when I saw it, but a full and delightful plate of the most exquisite yet deeply damaging breakfast. My arteries and yours will not be grateful for this recommendation. I can almost hear their groans of pain. The American combined three perfectly innocent ingredients: bacon, pancakes and maple syrup, into an amalgam of sheer and unadulterated beauty. This melding together of sweet and savoury makes for a distinguished and indeed exceptional plate, whose texture lends itself to descriptions quite beyond my linguistic remit.

For this and this alone, you must go to Millets Farm and try Frosts. The Farm Shop itself boasts in house butchers, confectioners and home grown produce which left me slack jawed, such as the game pie pictured above. I think I have rarely been this close to heaven sober.