Picture the scene, you are a Catholic, recently engaged, and through no fault of your own, date night has fallen on a Friday, which means no meat. Further, every nice sushi restaurant in a half mile radius is fully booked. This was precisely the situation Charlotte and I found ourselves in yesterday. Luckily, Gabriel’s came to the rescue. This is one of our go to eateries in Harborne. We would go there frequently when Charlotte lived in Harborne.

I ordered the haddock and chips, while Charlotte went for the cod and chips. Usually we would order mushy peas but did not feel like it on this occasion. The below is a much better image of what you can expect at Gabriels. than any we have taken.

Charlotte has in her possession a particularly unflattering photograph of me standing behind a table filled with condiments awaiting consumption of this delicious meal, but I will not subject you to seeing this.

The portions are excellent, and the taste of the fish is quite superb. Haddock boasts a mildly sweet taste with lean white flesh and medium flakes with a texture which is firm yet tender once battered. Haddock have a finer flake then cod, and a more tender texture with a slightly sweeter flavour. It is said the flavour of haddock is closer to halibut than to cod. However, both are quite delicious, which I never expect this far inland. The chips, also, are cooked beautifully and require minimal salt and vinegar.

Do go here, but order early on a Friday as they sell out quickly.