I think it would be criminal to omit a review of Glam Cafe. If we lived in Dubrovnik, this would be our local haunt. We went here several times daily while in Dubrovnik. Simply put, it was tucked away, locally run and excellent quality food.

I went for the bruschetta for breakfast. I needed something rejuvenating after a long night of drinking grappa. I jest, of course I don’t drink that much grappa, I weigh 3kg and a little drop makes me fall off of my chair. What can I say about this marvellous bruschetta? The tomatoes were superbly fresh, the capers paired beautifully. The quality of the olive oil and the crispness of the bread just send me somewhere. I highly recommend this for breakfast.

Being a heretical sinner, Louise decided to devour defenceless animal flesh on a Lenten Friday. I jest I joke, the Glam Toast, which I was able to sample the following morning, was an exercise in beautiful panini making. Every ingredient at Glam is fresh and it comes through in the food. This panini was light and yet filling. A perfect treat for breakfast, which gave me the energy necessary to scale the battlements of this wonderful ancient city.

Now, the coffee. Oh boy the coffee. Totally excellent coffee. The portions, flavour and dreamy cream all added up to make a truly sensational beverage. A picture tells a thousand words, look below and feast your eyes on St Nick and I having a great time drinking Glam Cafe coffee.

Pure joy. Glam Cafe is the place to go for an economic excellent snack and coffee. they also have an astonishing selection of micro brewed beer if you like that sort of thing. In addition, it is right in the middle of Dubrovnik and yet feels isolated. This has all the ingredients of a terrific hidden gem and I am honoured to be able to recommend it to you.