Did any of you pick up on the subtle pun in the tag line? Wonderful Lunch? 7 Wonders? No?¬†Well don’t say I didn’t try.

This is one of the best places to eat in Agra. I will never lie to you, dear readers. This opinion, unwelcome though it is by other culinary establishments in the area, rings true. I’m seldom as impressed by service as I have been by how staff at Good Vibes cafe treated me.

After an iconic visit to the Taj Mahal, where Claudia and I got our anticipated Diana photo, we needed to cool down. Interesting fact, on a side note: when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge came to visit the Taj earlier this year, the staff had to put a block of ice on the Diana bench so it wouldn’t be too hot for them to sit on!

Being dreadfully popular, Good Vibes Cafe had to figure out a way to make waiting times less dull. They have a large selection of games, which we made full use of. This picture was taken after our meal, whilst we gorged ourselves on the honey pancakes, which I recommend to you.

Claudia ordered the truly fabulous veg thali. These thalis are famous throughout India. This particular one was the Good Vibes’ best selling dish. And boy what a dish. There was dal, paneer, rice, cheese naan – everything good in the world contained in one dish. Phenomenal flavour and depth. This dish will send shivers up your spine.

I opted for my usual: anything with paneer. Paneer is the only popular cheese in India, aside from cream cheese (ie: the work of the devil). Hence, like at the Serene Waters, I went for the paneer curry.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am writhing in my seat thinking about it now, one and a half months later. I wish there existed a transporter to take me back to that seat so I could eat it one hundred more times. What unfathomable joy. If you don’t order this while there, I shall be very cross.

Good Vibes does exactly what it says on the tin. You will be suffused by joy throughout your entire visit. The food is on point. The service is exemplary. The location is superb. There is not a single thing wrong with this restaurant. If you’re visiting the Taj, make this your second world wonder of the day.