A few days before, Claudia and I had been taken for a ride around Delhi. I mean that both actually and metaphorically. It became apparent to us that we would be treated differently on account of our tourist visas, to put it correctly. Each time we were shown a new place, we would land in some bizarre tourist trap, with well dressed vendors trying to sell us things we didn’t need. Be wary of this when accepting day trips. Your first lunch stop, unless you have chosen beforehand, will certainly be a place with no atmosphere; high prices and white tourists. Avoid these places. You have not travelled half way across the world to go to homogenised restaurants.

Having learned from our experience, Claudia and I did some research about our impending trip to Jaipur. The Govindam Retreat came highly recommended. After a lovely tour of Jaipur, we stopped for our lunch. My darling Claudia wasn’t feeling too swell so I was the only one who ate. But goodness me was I in for a treat.

My beetroot halwa and fried ginger were breathtaking. I think the rice was called dal fry jera rice. But don’t take my word for it. As I suspected, I have forgotten the names of most of the food I ate while in India! However, I shall never forget the beetroot halwa. What a glorious amalgamation of delectable flavours. It was so good I could not eat too much of it at once. Maybe that’s because it was so rich. It gave me goosebumps. Please order it.

Through one of these authentic Rajasthani lattices, to the left of this picture, Claudia and I were regaled by a two man band. They played all throughout our meal which was more lovely than I can put into words.

Our aim is to preserve and encourage the Rajasthan royal art and culture, to get today’s generation closer to the roots and the globe trekkers to see Indian life.

I was so thoroughly impressed by the Govindam retreat. I was taken aback by its location next to the Royal Palace; by the decor; the service; the toilets (you’ll understand once you’ve spent a week in Delhi) and the prices!

Have a look outside on your way out, too. You might notice this rare Royal Enfield motorbike, manufactured in Coventry!

And of course, do not miss the glorious Wind Palace, just around the corner. The palace was built to enable visiting princesses to see the parades and daily goings on in the street below. It is pictured below, in all its glory.