The concept of Hot 7 is simple enough. One enters through the front door, and sits down at a table with their spouse or friends. Then things get a bit more complicated.You have to pick a soup or two in the first instance, this is the broth which forms the basis of the hot pot. After this, you pick which fillings you want. These will arrive raw, and you cook them in the boiling broth, which sits in a gap in the table with a heat source coming from below it.

With such items on the menu as fresh brain and pigs intestines, it can be difficult to pick your fillings. However, there are some truly delicious items on offer. We ordered a plethora this time including tofu, fried dough sticks (to die for), pork belly, beef with egg and some dry noodles.

The broth we chose was the mushroom one and the tomato one. I love the concept of this restaurant. You can choose your own broth and cook it too. There is not much to be said in the way of reviewing, when one is the chef! However, I do recommend this place. It is very clean, interesting conceptually, central and has a wide variety of wonderful ingredients.

I came here with Charlotte on a date some months ago. We arrived on a Friday so we could not have any meat but the options were so varied that we were able to eat abundantly and yet somehow not emerge too full. An excellent option for a central dinner.