One would not believe that this restaurant exists so far away from civilisation. As you well know, my main criteria for a great eatery is lack of proximity to major monuments. Il Ristoro could not be further away.

Throughout the meal, I was consistently surprised by the quality and consistency of the food and service here. Even before the meal, there was something to entice potential punters. A delightful cat resides in the near vicinity, greeting you before you enter.

Our first dish was the taglio, as ever. One does not find these in England, hence my proclivity towards ordering them in Italy. The highlight for me here was the intricacy with which the chef cut the tomato. Isn’t that clever? My favourite meat here was the mortadella. The inclusion of roasted eggplant was also a delight. I do not eat enough vegetables.

Salmone fresco scottato su vellutata di zucchine

Claudia opted for the roast salmon. Now, I seldom eat fish, so I was reluctant to try this dish. But asaggio I did, and delighted I was.

But for me, the true show stopping dish at this restaurant was the one I ordered.

The gricia con crema di pistacchio left me breathless. Each bite was a magical miraculous symphonic experience. I heard Brahms; Rimsky-Korsakov and Saint Saens all at once. Truly the most excellent dish of my whole trip. I will remember it fondly as long as memory serves me. To not order this would be a true travesty.

Our two desserts were equally phenomenal. Especially the latter (mine). I stayed with the pistachio theme, opting for the Semifreddo al pistacchio. Gorgeous, melt in the mouth; flavours abounding. And the presentation. How clever and simple to spread confectioners’ sugar leaving an impression of the fork. This has no effect on the food whatsoever, but it does improve the aesthetics of the dish.

Overall, I was very much impressed with Il Ristoro. I wish I were back in Rome so I could eat there again. Have a gander if you’re hanging around Cornelia. And use the Fork!