Tucked away in the mean streets of Selly Oak, Birmingham, is a genuine and delightful Korean restaurant. Dining at Kimchi was a spontaneous decision. My dear friend Adomas had come back from Madagascar and was bored while I ran around on errands all day. We met, at last, in Kimchi.

At first, I was glad to find it so empty. My visit was at around 4pm which explains it. But one cannot complain. Fewer people inadvertently caught in a photo means fewer potential lawsuits. Equally, the chefs are just waiting around to cook for you, which means the food arrives at lightning speed.

Above is pictured the masterful Korean spicy chicken. This gorgeous dish reminds me of a dish which my super chef flatmate See Yu used to make us with porc belly. I have since tried hopelessly to reproduce the beautiful consistency. There is something magical in the way the sesame seeds mingle with the honey and soy sauce caramelisation. I think about this flavour often and wish I could walk in a world where everything were made of this. Perhaps then it would not be so special. Anyway, below is pictured my own attempt, before I move onto Adomas’ dish.

I tried my best. Admittedly it was phenomenal.

Adomas opted for the beef ramen. He did not expect it to come in such a vast portion. This was his fourth meal of the day. I seldom exceed one on account of terrible loneliness robbing me of appetite. It is pictured below, and what a sight it was.

Kimchi prides itself on no-nonsense authentic Korean food. This beef ramen was exactly that. Hearty; filling and replete with many wonderful flavours. They do ramen varieties soy sauce; seaweed; menma; pickled ginger and spring onions were all present and made for a delicious dish. Adomas very much enjoyed it.

I do hope you’ll meander down to Kimchi when you’re next in Selly Oak. It will make you forget all about the rat infested student houses in the surrounding area. An oasis in the dank, musky underbelly of Birmingham University’s forgotten suburb.


Before I go, here is a picture of Adomas at my home, looking groovy.