The dizzying heights of Pahar Ganj are seldom seen this clearly. Our first week in India was spent at its capital, New Delhi. At the very heart of this thrilling city lies Pahar Ganj. This crowded quartier hosts Delhi’s famed Main Bazaar. You’ll be able to find whichever goods you’re after, but it will cost you your eardrums. Even from the heights of Kitchen Cafe Rooftop, one cannot escape the hellish noise. Brain dead drivers cannot pass each other or suffer a microsecond of delay without honking their horn. It’s really quite overwhelming at the beginning. You’d think this, a capital of civilisation would be more civilised. Throughout my journey in India I was baffled at every turn by the senseless things people did. Perhaps a complete absence of respect for your neighbour is merely a cultural difference.

It comes as no surprise that I sought shelter from the hubbub, high above the Main Bazaar. Claudia and I heaved a sigh of relief as we dined at the Kitchen Cafe Rooftop. We ate there many times on account of staying at the Hotel Shelton, which I recommend for a few days, but not a week. There are other central locations which are much quieter. These will be mentioned throughout the following posts.

The decor and numerous fans at this rooftop establishment make for a relaxing dining experience. We sampled many rooftop restaurants in the surrounding area and none were as punctual; polite and pleasant as the staff which work here.

Foodwise, I recommend the biryani chicken wings (above). I also recommend the butter chicken and anything with paneer. They don’t sell alcohol. They can bring a beer to your room, but alas beer repulses me more than inefficiency. India is a country rich with flavour and variety. The sheer delight you’ll have in consuming meals; at the Shelton or elsewhere, just please be careful. Claudia suggests that you take stomach fortifying pills before you leave. And only eat food highly recommended on TripAdvisor.

Believe me when I tell you, you do not want to find out what Delhi Belly is.

In summation, Kitchen Cafe Rooftop is an excellent and safe place to enjoy your dinner with a lovely view. To finish this post, enjoy this picture I took at Birmingham International before I imbibed three gin and tonics and lost my lucidity.