Konaba Ma:Toni is one of the finest restaurants I have ever eaten at. Each course left me flabbergasted, and I am not readily flabbergastible. I won’t wax lyrical for the next paragraph, I’ll just get on with it and let you come to your own conclusions.


Smoked and dried deer ham. Fresh cheese with spring onion.

The deer ham was my first course. The quality of this dish is so high that it is difficult for me to put into words. Everything was sublime, from the fat to meat ratio to the flavour and assorted dressings. This is a winning dish which stole my breath. The unusual flavour of deer was brought to the fore in a spectacular way.

St Nick’s shirt went for the special of the day which was boar salami. I’ve had boar in many incarnations during my culinary life and this ranks most highly. The texture was a little tough, as most boar is, but the flavour was outstanding. If this is here when you visit please try it. All the meat is locally sourced which makes it even more impressive.

Now, normally I am not one for beef soup but Louise’s choice was the right one. Light and flavoursome in the best possible way. There was something delicate and lovely contained in this dish. When a dish feels like something your mother would have made during childhood, you know you’re onto a winner.

We went for the Zinfandel to accompany our mains. Given that Ma:Toni has its own dedicated wine store, I knew we were in for a treat and I was not wrong. the restaurant is renown for its wines, and this is no exception. A fine Croatian wine.

Louise went for the pork belly with the gorgeous mashed potato bed. For me this was the best dish of the day. The skin was crisp and the flavour ran so deep I almost teared up. 

I went for the other pork dish, whose name I cannot recall! Nor does the menu offer any clue. It must have been a special. But let me tell you the flavour will never leave me. the homemade sweet chilli relish paired beautifully and the roast potatoes were pure heaven.

St Nick went for the beef steaks in their homemade gravy and sensational mashed potato. The potato was a work of art for me. Though this is not one of the prettiest dishes, the experience of eating it made up for any aesthetic drawbacks. There’s something to be said for when a dish is so beautifully balanced that the whole feels like an orchestrated work in your mouth.


Vanilla ice cream with topping made of caramel, coffee and Baileys. Cramelized hazelnuts with Amaretti biscuits.

I went for the vanilla ice cream and was not at all disappointed. Luscious ice cream, mixed with some fine caramel and bailey’s coffee liqueur. This was totally brilliant. But the iconic dish, which we re-ordered when we had finished, was yet to come.


Cake made of almonds and orange with simple syrup and vanilla ice cream scoop.

The oozing chocolate, fine ice cream, some of which is melted, beautiful syrup…. Words failed me at the time and they fail me now. This is an iconic dessert which will remembered as one of the finest I have ever eaten.

Overall, Ma:Toni was one of the highlights of my recent trip through the Balkans. I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism with which we were treated as well as the high quality and ingenuity of the food. I remain utterly astonished by this restaurant.