A restaurant? What fresh hell is this? My thoughts exactly, dear readers, as I crossed the threshold of a bizarrely normal eatery. The tables were further apart than in the Before Time of course and the staff were wearing masks, as were the customers while travelling between their tables and the loo or to settle the bill, but otherwise the state of things were of an appreciable normality.

The first order of business was to obtain a half litre of cidre doux, or soft cidre, which is customarily consumed with crêpes in France. Thus graced by this sensational sweet treat, we awaited with eagerness our holy crêpes.

There is hardship in everything except eating pancakes. Charles Spurgeon

Pater’s Salade Baltique consisted of smoked salmon, marinated prawns, mustard sauce, honey and dill. Now as many of you know the sight sound and smell of fish repulses me more than cold showers or people named Josephine, so I did not attempt it. But Pater tells me that the quality was superior, especially that of such base ingredients as the salad leaves themselves. It is impressive what a little sunshine will do for one’s crops. Find below a delicious a beautifully lit close up shot.

This salad has restored my faith in tomatoes. Pater

My dish was rather less auspicious as I sought something a tad less rich for my first visit to a restaurant in a quarter year. I was worried that such an intake of rich food after months of eating healthily and exercising might explode my liver. Hence I opted for the Galette Fermière.  Interestingly, if a crêpe is savoury, it is called a galette. Don’t ask me why, I don’t make the rules.

I am not sure whether the time elapsed since my last restaurant visit has made me impressionable but my galette was really quite exceptional. The texture of the pastry itself was wonderfully savoury and exactly crunchy. The filling, too, was divine. I am a fan of the melange of sweet and savoury. Hence the apple, honey, egg, Emmental cheese and goats cheese which filled this galette were quite excellent. I ignored the radishes as I detest photograph enhancing touches designed to appeal to mindless and/or young people who feel the need to share every aspect of their lives with individuals or groups instead of living and enjoying it for themselves. Life, and crêpes, are to be enjoyed for one’s benefit and enhancement rather than to give an impression of its quality to others.

“Darling, I keep my crêpes in check, so to speak, and I’m always filled and have my pastry done comme il faut” Arkadina, Act II, The Seagull by Chekhov

Mother’s galette was by far and away the best one on the menu. This was obvious from the outset. I managed to negotiate two small bites and was astonished at the effect. The Savoyarde consisted of raclette cheese, potatoes, bacon lardons and creme fraiche.

I will not shy away from saying that this galette was a masterpiece. The interplay between textures and flavours was just breathtaking. The fluffy nature of the potatoes as contrasted with the chewy lardons and fondant cheeses nearly brought a tear to my eye. The flavour of each ingredient was so pronounced as to be appreciable individually as well as holistically. This galette was a lesson in the making of a perfect dish. Five stars from me.

Overall, this was an excellent way to restart my culinary journey. I am elated to have had this opportunity and deeply impressed by La Crepicoise. I cannot recommend it enough to those of you in the area or thinking of visiting.