After an elating trip to Es Baluard modern art museum, Claudia and I found ourselves famished. In the nearby neighbourhood of Santa Catalina, we found our Shangri-La.

This restaurant fit the bill, as it were. It is family run; small and secluded. These are excellent ways to identify a restaurant of value. Equally, it is a good way of getting yourself involved in nefarious criminal underworlds. But let us not dwell on the past.

I apologise in advance for the comparative darkness of the photos I include. The lighting wasn’t the best and I could not bring myself to turn on the flash. One does not want to draw attention to themselves in public places. Especially not in restaurants.

The homemade potato wedges were astounding. I admire restaurants that make an effort in fries. That is to say, doing more than frying some potatoes and cascading salt on them. There was a discernible effort here to enhance one’s fry experience.

The two burgers above were the Tim and the Doms, respectfully. Each was a remarkable taste sensation. I learned that the owners/chefs (they are both at once) go to the famous Santa Carolina market in the morning to buy the best quality fresh meat with which to make their burgers. And honestly, it showed. The thorough incomparable joy of a good burger is clearly present here.

Being a Catholic, I do not often offer myself unwarranted joy. But this burger was an exception and indeed exceptional. It has made it to my top 5 burgers. The others are Le Butcher Burger in Paris’ 8eme Arrondissement (the foie gras burger was to die for); La Plancha in Loches; Panineria By Luk and Fonzie Burger, both in Rome.

If you’re hungry in Palma and want something of unquestionably high quality, made with love, go to La Nueva Hamburguesa!