A singular experiece by any description. La Singular is one of the most memorable restaurants I have visited. We were reccomended it by the Maitre D’ at Big Kokka. There are no more than ten tables at this secluded restaurant. We walk in before opening time because my stomach is impatient. The set menu is presented to us: 3 courses; a glass of wine and a bottle of water –  10.50. 

The portion sizes were huge but after two courses each; Claudia and I ordered another three courses to share. We effectively tried everything on the menu! And what a delicious treat each course was.     

We started with cuttlefish pasta and roasted parsnip; honey and Gorgonzola salad. Both were simply divine and in ample portions. The flavours are so well balanced that one does puts aside all food preference. I am not a big fan of fish, yet this really bowled me over. We also ate the escudella Barrejada (pasta meat broth) which was light yet quite satisfying. Like the stew your grandmother makes when you visit her in the winter.

That was the overriding feeling eating at La Singular, you feel as though you are at home eating mother’s cooking. If ever I open a restaurant, this will be the main philosophy. I am mother. And each dish will be reflective of my cooking. For mains we ate veal tataki teriyake with tomato & basil confit and asparagus. I could not believe what I was experiencing with each bite.

A splendid light combination. Succulent medium rare veal which went magnificently with the teriyaki sauce.   Next (right), was the grilled bacalao with merinated aubergine. Now, again, I don’t like fish, but each time I have eaten bacalao in Spain, I felt a revelatory lift of my ignorance. .

For dessert we had the moose of mató with fruit coulis, as well as a delightful fig pudding (pictured) and the pear and chocolate cake. The latter was so delicious it did not live long enough to be photographed. . All in all we had a marvellous time. This is a really stunning restaurant with absurdlly high value for money. Ignore this restaurant at your peril.