After a hearty burger at La Nueva Hamburguesa, Claudia and I were after something sweet. Lo and behold on the same street we found one of the coolest bars in town. Santa Catalina is known for its individual bars and eateries as well as the famous market which I mentioned in a previous post.

LAB was no exception. Superb from the first moment to the last. The bar staff were all Italian, which reassured the elitist in me of the quality of the cocktails I was about to knock back.

Before I harp on about the quality of the cocktails; I want to point out how exceptionally stylish this bar is, from the crystal glasses to the monogrammed serviettes and even the decoration (next two photographs). I was thoroughly impressed by how put together everything was. It made for a totally encompassing experience which I won’t forget in a hurry.

Model lampshades and a booze cabinet hidden in a double bass. The imagination it must have taken to conjure this up, not to mention the technical skill. I built a few looms in my time, but this is seriously cool. I know I’ve used the word ‘cool’ twice (now thrice) in this post. But this reprehensible repetition, as you can see, is warranted.

Even the water glasses were stylish. That is one thing which LAB does not want for; style. Everything seems to be right where it should be. I opted for a strawberry Daiquiri, which arrived with a flaming pomegranate. I was once a flaming pomegranate, but have since cooled down substantially.

Bonus points if you read that last sentence in the style of Tom Baker, narrator of Little Britain.

In all, LAB is almost too well put together. Such masterful decoration and cocktail preparation inspire suspicion in world weary food bloggers. I was nothing but joyful during my time in this bar. And when I left I couldn’t feel my legs, which is often a good sign.

On your way to your next destination, try the Ped Saam Rod at Horapa Thai Kitchen. My drunken dearest and I thoroughly enjoyed ours, laughing away on a bench in the nearby Park de la Feixina.