I seldom trust anyone to make food related decision on my behalf. St Nick should be honoured greatly that I took a chance on his friend, the so called ‘Polish Michael’, who suggested to him, who then in turn suggested to me. Perhaps I should rename this blog. Moving on, I must admit, completely candidly, that I was overwhelmed by Laghi’s Deli. Hitherto, I had thought only Gustami provided an authentic Italian experience but this place is something else.

A short walk from Five Ways train station, this restaurant is located on a busy thoroughfare. We counted no fewer than 7 ambulances during our meal. But I digress. Laghi’s astounded me. It is a wonder the only fault I can find is the immense amount of people being hurt in the surrounding city.

So here it is, an award-winning restaurant no less, and I really hope you’ll see that this has been borne from a love of food and cooking for others, and enjoying the culture of great food and wine. My aim is to bring a little taste of Bologna to Birmingham. Chef Luca

We opted for the Taglio misto to start, as is my want. This one was divine. The parmesan was there and some gorgeous meats including mortadella and supremely delicious homemade bread.

Patricia took some convincing, but at long last she picked the carbonara. The aspect of this place which astounded me the most; even more than being surrounded by actual Italians, was that THEY HAVE GUANCIALE. I could hardly contain my excitement. The Carbonara was perfect, exactly how it should be. It is pictured below, in all its splendour.

St Nick opted for the calzone. Thankfully there was no all day breakfast here. Otherwise I shudder to think what the waiter would have thought. His opinion of me was already low on account of all the pictures I was taking and the less than adequate perfection of my Italian. I am glad that he ordered the calzone because I was allowed to sample it. Absolute divinity ensued.

Folded pizza, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce & ham. Laghi’s

For my own part, I too chose to devour a pizza. I went for the Queen but replaced the bacon with guanciale. It is not rare for me to have guanciale on account of my very reliable guanciale dealers, but I like having it as often as possible.

Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, bacon, porcini mushrooms & egg. Laghi’s

It is pictured below. The dough was perfect. The toppings were sparse so as not to overload the pallet. The egg was cooked to oozing perfection. I cannot and shall not fault this pizza.

Laghi’s is famous for its doughnuts, or as the Italians call them; ciambelle. These were just lovely. A great end to a difficult day. They’re pictured below. I especially recommend the custard one, though the chocolate was equally delightful.

Overall, this restaurant shook me to my core. I did not know such miraculous delights existed in Birmingham. The price wasn’t even too shocking considering what we consumed. Had we not drank an entire bottle of Nero D’Avola, it might even have been reasonable. From the ambiance; attentive waiters; location and frightening quality of the food made for an incredible experience. Please go there, and bring your mother.