Wandering though the streets of Palma, as one does, my Claudia and I happened upon a what we thought was a small alleyway. In fact this was none other than Mon S. XX, a vintage shop. I’m always on the lookout for new fountain pens so I just had to look inside.

Alas my quest for calligraphic success came to an abrupt end. No, I did not get attacked or confused – the shopkeeper intimated that he did not have any fountain pens in his possession. Crestfallen, I meandered a little while longer to assess the extend of his wares.

Above is pictured one of three rooms filled to the brim with exciting items. I found a perfect ebony statue which would have gone splendidly with the rest of my growing collection. Once again I was disappointing to found it had been sold. I hope whomever bought it will appreciate it as much as I would have.

You can just about see the ebony statue I have just described in the back to the left of the above picture. Note the light in the shape of a bow and arrow. How inventive!

If you’re in Palma, or planning to go there, please take some time to visit this exceptional hidden gem. Perhaps you’ll even find your own ebony statuette!