Would the reader believe that by the time I got round to writing this review, I was back in Hull. I returned to Hull after a beautiful 400km ride from Morecambe to Bridlington to Hull, with a brief interlude in Knaresborough. Anyway I digress. Nibble was an absolute delight of a breakfast. We alighted here before going on to Hull Minster for an interesting Sunday service. I watched the Catholic Mass later on for completion.

We were lucky to get in as shortly after our arrival the restaurant was swamped.

The view from our table

I had the mezze breakfast which included spinach, hummus, halloumi, a huge mushroom, falafel rosti, poached egg and chorizo as well as some beautiful kale and cashew pesto. In a word: devastating. An amalgam of magnificent flavours. The poached egg was done beautifully as you can see. The pesto was outrageously flavoursome. The cashews have a sort of cheesy flavour and texture and mimics the parmesan quite well. The halloumi was fried lightly but was still quite flavoursome. The totality of the dish was stunning and made for an excellent breakfast.

Nick had the rather less impressive looking full English breakfast. However the dish was also good. the sausage was quite grainy which I like as it indicates some high content of meat rather than the smooth processed meat taste. The has browns were sufficiently dense and the tomato was highly flavourful and juicy. Overall very pleasant.

See below a photograph of the manifold delicacies available for purchase at Nibble. I shall be returning next time I am in Hull in August. Nibble is an excellent, budget friendly, superb eatery for any occasion.