Imagine my surprise, not only at my superiors sending me to Durham two days after I moved to Birmingham, but also at finding this café once there!

There are far fewer braziers in the Launderette than Bald Hiker’s photo (which I mercilessly pinched for my cover) suggests. Nonetheless, I was impressed by it’s other ample qualities. I’m going to let you absorb the enormity of that last pun for a moment.

The building was originally opened in 1928 as part of a 320 seat cinema, Crescent Cinema. In the 1941 it became Rex Cinema which closed in January 1958. (Bald Hiker)

The Old Cinema Launderette is one of a kind. Never in my vast and overwhelmingly pretentious experience have I seen a cafe combined with a Launderette. In addition to copious cups of coffee, you can clean your clothes! They do snacks and even live music events of a weekend evening. But coffee is not the only beverage one can order here, far from it.

They also have a large selection of booze! Of course I went before (and during) lunch so I couldn’t possibly imbibe. Additionally, I was driving. I think driving under the influence is the final taboo and ought never to be broken.

I was and remain deeply impressed simply by how cool the concept of this establishment is. Can you say honestly that you have been to a place where the staff can make a Manhattan and tell you how best to remove paint stains from your expensive jeans? No? Me neither, until now.

While I was enjoying two sandwiches from Jani’s Deli (a delightful place for an economic lunch, just three doors down), I met this lovely little pooch. I think it’s a Terrier. Correct me if I’m wrong. Regardless, he was surely the highlight of my trip to the Old Cinema Launderette.

This is one suggestion which I shall return to time and time again. I am seldom so vastly impressed by a cafe. This concept was so well executed it begs for my return to delve deeper into its history. I’m so glad I went.

Old Cinema Launderette has to be one of my top suggestions!