Whenever I plot a journey to Rome, I like to look though TripAdvisor to get an idea of where I can eat. Lo and behold, Luk, one of my most frequented restaurants in Rome, was #3. Out of 10,000+ restaurants!

Naturally, I had to return. When I studied at Roma Tre, I would eat at Luk at least three times a week. Everything about this place is appealing. The understated outward appearance; family run; few tables. While Luk is not situated in the friendliest area of Rome, it provides an air of exclusivity. Each time I went at a conventional dining hour, the queue stretched out the door. Even Romans are willing to wait for this perfect panini!

Of course, Panineria Luk does not sell only paninis, they are famed for their burgers. Priced at a modest £5, these double as the best and cheapest burgers in the Eternal City. It brings me great joy to be able to recommend Luk to you personally. He and his brother came to know me so well, I would not even need to order when I entered, they would make my usual right away!

Now without further ado; photographic evidence of the culinary masterpiece that is a Luk Burger:

Oh yes, the dangling pancetta; top quality beef burger cooked perfectly; homemade caccio e pepe mayonnaise and sun dried tomatoes in olive oil… This  is Luk’s burger.

Luk makes all his own condiments. These include my two favourites; mayonnaise caccio e pepe and his truffle mayonnaise. But there are about 16 potential toppings and none of them are extra. It is 4.50€ for a burger. £5 with a drink at lunch. There is a 50c surcharge at night.

In all, you won’t find a better burger in Rome for this price. Have a look at my old Roma Tre law school while you’re there, it’s quite impressive.