Moving to a new city has its challenges: meeting new people; settling into a new routine; adjusting to the bizarre new geography… But most of all, finding a suitable hairdresser.

Those of you who know me will be acutely aware that I have hair on my head. This hair does not behave according to the regular, predictable laws of physics. It needs shearing far more often than I’d like. Consequently, my second haircut in this city stampeded my way with frightening alacrity.

Being a terribly busy man about town, I do not have much free time throughout the week or indeed on the weekends. I needed somewhere which would not make me go too much out of my way. Especially given I am without a bike now, since being crushed to death by a fast moving taxi. Pickles and Co is perfectly situated in the middle of the Jewellery Quarter.

At first I was a little concerned at the price. Alarm bells rang as soon as I was offered a coffee. That is usually a bad sign for your bank manager. Then I looked around me and understood where the few extra pounds were to go.

The place is absolutely gorgeous. The downstairs area is even more aesthetically pleasing. The coffee, by the way, is superb. Of course it is difficult to go on at length about a hair cut. Other than to say a hair cut is a hair enhanced, one can can seldom expand on his follicle foibles.

Suffice to say, the service was outstanding. Tom sheared me with passion, assisted by his glamorous apprentice, Soloman. I was impressed by the care with which he cut my hair. It took around an hour, which made me feel as though I was getting value for money – a prized boon.

Call them on 0121 389 8498 to book an appointment. And tell Tom I say hello.