Fasten your seat belts.

The Knights of the Oblong Table have teamed up with the President and Vice President of Warwick Christian Union: Nathan and Doug; as well as Bhaskar (Big B/The Beast from the East) with one question in mind.

Can the denizens of Heaven have knowledge of the suffering in Hell and still be worthy of their celestial tenure?

Cedric Suggests has provided for you: two non-denominational Christians; a Catholic; a Satanist; an Agnostic and a Hindu! Together we discuss the preliminary question, then branch out into more inherent flaws in the nature of Heaven, ending with our own perceptions of what Heaven is physically like.

This will be a bumpy ride. We hope you enjoy it.

The featured image is Bernini’s Ecstasy of St Teresa (1647-52), which can be found in the church of Santa Maria Della Vittoria in Rome.