Once you’re all over the simple yet majestic rhyme in the headline, allow me to command your attention for a moment. Raphael’s is another restaurant that I had the joy of attending some time ago but failed to blog about. For whatever vapid reason, I did not write about this spectacular Greek. But now, I shall remedy my heinous wrong by providing some insight into the plethora of  perfection which awaits you within.

Louise and I had just attended Mass. Now generally, a replenished spirit does not often translate into a full stomach. Starved and impatient, we elected to eat in Sutton Coldfield, a mere 20 minute drive from Harborne. The benefit of Raphael’s, in addition to the astounding quality and flavour of the food, is that it is situated practically in Erdington, making it much easier to access than Sutton proper.

The above picture is the halloumi we ordered as a starter. I fid it hard to believe that a person can go through life and not experience this miraculous cheese. Raphaels’ halloumi was delightful and just the right amount of nosh to stave off our hunger.

The real Greek sandwich! Fluffy pitta bread filled with your choice of chargrilled meat or filling with Greek coleslaw, fresh parsley, red onions, tomatoes and creamy tzatziki served with our amazing chips.

Next came my chicken souvlakia kebab. This was cooked in a white wine & oregano marinade. I love nothing more than unpretentious presentation. The chicken kebab is the epitome of subtle brilliance. Behind this facile presentation lay a formidable kebab. Flavours abounded from all places, making it an utterly filling and delightful dish.

Chargrilled pork with caramelised red onions in a red wine, oregano & garlic marinade.

Louise’s pork souvlaki was arresting in its brilliance. I’m seldom jealous of other people’s dinner choices. I am often the one to pick the best dish. But Louise, in her plentiful wisdom, defeated me. The pork kebab was almost too delicious.

Last time I was here, I ate the falafel wrap which was masterfully tasty. In all I am as impressed with Raphael’s as ever. This is a quality and great value eatery which will provide you with a full stomach for the rest of the day. Next time you’re hungry in or for Sutton Coldfield, do not hesitate to visit Raphael’s!