Our final day in Palma. We looked to finish off the few things we had failed to see over the last three days. One of which was to find an exquisite bakery. And boy, did we find it. After visiting the Fundacion Juan March, we headed down a set of narrow stairs down a cobbled alley to find Rosevelvet.

This unassuming bakery conforms to my excellent restaurant criteria: it is secluded; makes everything on site and has few tables. Fewer tables often mean quicker more intimate service, allowing the diner to profit from the full experience cafes of this calibre have to offer.

I loved many things about this bakery: the open plan setting; splendid amount of light on account of tall glass windows; but perhaps my favourite aspect was the bakery itself. While one is often accustomed to having their food magically appear before them on a plate but at Rosevelvet, the bakery, too, is open plan. One can see the girls making the delicious treats you’re about to ingest. This is impressive from a dining experience perspective but equally from a hygiene point of view. Only cafes certain of their high standards of cleanliness and food preparation safety will allow such a window into the work of its chefs.

I ate the above delectable raspberry square. My Claudia opted for the apricot crumble. Both tasted superb and had that je ne sais quoi attributed to home baking. That extra something which makes you wonder why you haven’t made this at home yet.

In summation, great location; helpful staff and superb quality food. This is not a bakery to miss.