Now, am I biased because this restaurant is practically next door to me? Perhaps I am. However, the premises had been largely empty for a year and to see them rejuvenated by such a promising restaurant filled me with joy. M and I ordered an outrageously flavoursome meal from Seoul Kitchen last week and I am delighted to be able to write to you about food once more.

For once takeaway photographs have not let me down, a testament to the Instagram-readiness which restaurants must have when presenting food to their phone addicted customers, perhaps. The above photographed was the cheese toppoki,  (correct spelling Tteokbokki); is a dish consisting of stir-fried rice cakes. This is a popular Korean dish made from small-sized garae-tteok called tteokmyeon or commonly tteokbokki-tteok.

This contained a delightful rich sauce which I believe is called Dashi and some necessarily more bland cheese mixed in. The latter is likely an aberration to Korean diners but one which I suppose had to be made to pacify the English buyer. The rice cakes themselves were almost tubular in shape and quite slippery, but wonderfully dense to bite into. The rubbery texture was very pleasant indeed.

Matthew had regular Toppoki, pictured above. His was noticeably more spiced than mine and had absolutely no cheese.

Tofu Dolsot Bibimbap was my other dish of choice. This was a vegan twist on the traditional Korean Bibimbap, made typically of warm white rice topped with namul or kimchi and gochujang, soy sauce, or doenjang. I chose the vegan option on this occasion and was not at all disappointed. The tofu was fried lightly and beautifully soft inside. The sauce was perhaps a little sesame heavy but overall very flavoursome. The vegetables included beansprouts, carrots, zucchini and spinach. All in all a fibrous offering for which your body will thank you.

Kimchi is the best known of all Korean dishes. This is a spicy (thanks to the gochujang) salt nappa cabbage side dish. We tried to make it here but it takes weeks. The dish sometimes call for the use of fish sauce which Seoul Kitchen used liberally on this, hence put me right off. I don’t like fish, hence this is entirely personal preference, however I could see it was a faithful and accurate rendition of the dish which Matthew enjoyed very much.

Overall, I am elated that such a high quality restaurant has opened locally. I look forward to many meals there in future, hopefully in person as soon as possible.