Not wanting to toot my own flute, but choosing to stay at the Serene Waters must be one of the best decisions I have taken hitherto.

The cover photo has nothing to do with this restaurant/hotel. I just wanted to show off how resplendent Claudia looked at Miramar Beach.

Let’s talk about the Serene Waters. Going over to Goa during monsoon season was perhaps not the most practical idea. However it did open up possibilities. One such opportunity was staying at a riverside hotel. This was conducive to our trip’s efficiency as it boasts the advantages of being close to the airport and on a tributary of the Mandovi river. With the monsoon rains at their peak, the river almost met our window in the riverside room we were given.

With its infinity pool overlooking the river; charming, talkative host (Leo) and terrific location; the Serene Waters gave us what we needed: serenity. But, and it’s an ominous one, what really stole the show was the food. Leo’s wife, Jaqueline, should be on masterchef. That is no understatement. I have never eaten dinner at any hotel for three consecutive nights.

Apologies for the blurry picture, my hands were shaking on account of how excited I was. This chilli paneer tikka shocked and amazed me. The wonderful, locally sourced ingredients blended together in a panoply of flavour. I highly recommend it.

Claudia opted for the vegetable curry which tasted phenomenal. We had the gorgeous fish cakes also. And the chicken nuggets! Do not omit trying them! They are pictured below. Above is the view from one of our windows. As you can see, Monsoon season has taken its tole on the river level. At least the crocodiles were happy!

Alas, the food does not look visually appealing but home cooking seldom does. Jacqueline cooks everything to order from scratch. The night before we ate the green beef curry. Now, before I use expletives, I want you to know it was divine. When you have gone without beef for two weeks, you’ll find this meal equates to a beef oasis. Savouring each hot morsel was akin to something beyond myself. I did not take pictures on account of my phone charging, and my not being glued to it.

The Serene Waters lives up to its name. We had never been so relaxed as we were there. Our free room upgrade made the trip all the better. The view, cleanliness and cooking were of the highest standard. I recommend this to you, without a single doubt. Go(a) there!